Fire Elemental Powder

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Fire Elemental Powder

Item type
Soulbound on Acquire
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Double-click to consume.
Double-click to summon a pet fire elemental for 5 minutes. Can only be used once every 30 minutes.

— In-game description

Fire Elemental Powder summons an Ember to fight by your side.


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Jhalles Coalgrip Jhalles Coalgrip Fuller Cistern Fireheart Rise Silver coin 4 Copper coin


  • Use of this item is on a 30-minute cooldown. This cooldown does not reset upon death.
  • The summoned ember is set to the local effective level and will not be scaled up or down further, even when moving to other areas.
  • Like any ember, this summon will create three Lava Fonts, each of which counts as a Fire Field.
  • The cooldown and the ability to summon the ember is not affected by the use of other objects that create NPCs, such as the Ogre Pet Whistle.
  • This item cannot be used in WvW or raids.
  • The elemental will disappear after 2 minutes.
  • The Ember can be summoned underwater. Although it does not seem to fight, it will damage foes.


  • The 30 minute cooldown was added in the January 21, 2014 release to improve server performance.