Burden of Choice

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Burden of Choice is a hidden achievement that is unlocked by coming into contact with an anomalous vision.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Burden of Choice Anomalous Occurrences 10Achievement points
1 permanent step completed 1Achievement points
2 permanent steps completed 1Achievement points
3 permanent steps completed 1Achievement points
7 permanent steps completed 2Achievement points
9 permanent steps completed 2Achievement points
10 permanent steps completed 3Achievement points

Unlock task[edit]

  • Approach and touch an anomalous vision, which spawn at random in the open world and instances such as Fractals of the Mists and raids. These are shown client-side and are otherwise non-interactive.


Have a close encounter with an anomalous vision.
Speak to Ogden in the Durmand Priory Headquarters.
Speak to Tranton, across the hall from Ogden.
Collect a Bloodstone Sliver from the Bloodstone Harvest achievement.
Collect a Bloodstone Sliver from the Bloodstone Harvest achievement.
Collect a Bloodstone Sliver from the Bloodstone Harvest achievement.
Collect a Bloodstone Sliver from the Bloodstone Harvest achievement.
Speak to Tradesman Maezz.
Return to Tranton.
Talk to either Tradesman Maezz or Historian Tranton.


The related dialogues are documented at the pages of the relevant NPCs:


The Consortium

Greetings, <Character name>!

The Consortium has taken notice of your valiant effort to rebuild the Shadowstone! However, you are being led astray by misinformed Priory agents. The Priory is simply lacking the resources to fund its researchers and scholars. Please speak to our representative, Tradesman Maezz, before you hand over such a valuable artifact.

Received upon gathering four of the Bloodstone Slivers required to complete the Shadowstone, and then traveling to a different map.


It is possible to complete the objectives in a different order, resulting in the acquisition of the Reforged Shadowstone before the Broken Shadowstone.
  • If you choose to talk to Historian Tranton as the last step, you will retain the Reforged Shadowstone.
  • To access Ogden Stonehealer in the Durmand Priory, stand by the grate on the southwest side of the chamber, near the Heart of the Priory hero challenge, and it will give you a prompt to enter. You don't need to talk to any NPCs or be a member of the Priory.
  • After the Commander cures their magic overdose, entering a Stable Rift will have a slight chance to trigger a side effect where they will separate from their body and turn into an anomaly that can be attacked by other players.
    • This anomaly transformation will use the character's model as a base – nude, hairless and with a different transparent skin – instead the same appearance as a Ley-Line Anomaly.
    • The new transformation will also replace the anomaly appearance when players approach the center of the Mystic Forge in Lion's Arch.
    • Players who chose to side with the Priory and used the Reforged Shadowstone will appear as anomalies with an orange hue, while players who sided with the consortium will appear with a blue hue.


  • This achievement was introduced with the 2016-10-04 update.