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Overseer's Cave

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Overseer's Cave

Point of Interest
Southwatch Creep
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Overseer's Cave

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The Overseer's Cave is the home of Overseer Rannik, a powerful Mordrem Guard prowling over the pylon located in Southwatch Creep. It first becomes accessible during the Defeat Overseer Rannik and rescue Adanich event.


  • Destroy the Mordrem breachers, and secure Southwatch event must be completed before Defeat Overseer Rannik and rescue Adanich event begins.
  • Once Adanich is free, the vine gate directly south of Southwatch Waypoint remains open for the duration of pylon activation events.
    • From the path right beside "S" of "Southwatch Creep", go south a little bit till a fork is reached. Take the path right/west, which will lead into the cave.
  • After Overseer Rannik is defeated and events at the outpost progress, a veteran jungle troll takes up residence in the cave.