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Overseer's Cave

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Overseer's Cave

Point of Interest
Southwatch Creep
(Auric Basin)
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The Overseer's Cave is the home of Overseer Rannik, a powerful Mordrem Guard prowling over the pylon located in Southwatch Creep. It first becomes accessible during the Defeat Overseer Rannik and rescue Adanich event.


  • Destroy the Mordrem breachers, and secure Southwatch event must be completed before Defeat Overseer Rannik and rescue Adanich event begins.
  • Once Adanich is free, the vine gate directly south of Southwatch Waypoint remains open for the duration of pylon activation events.
    • From the path right beside "S" of "Southwatch Creep", go south a little bit till a fork is reached. Take the path right/west, which will lead into the cave.
  • After Overseer Rannik is defeated and events at the outpost progress, a veteran jungle troll takes up residence in the cave.
  • It used to be possible to get past the vine gate by jumping through the gap between the top right corner of the gate and the cave wall. However, attempts to bypass the vine gate now teleport you back to your last standing position.