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Tequatl's Gloom

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Tequatl's Gloom.png

Tequatl's Gloom

Item type
Legendary Weapons (achievements).png Twilight III: Dusk
Account Bound
Silver coin 64 Copper coin
Game link

Hint: Use the Gloominator to capture the gloom while in Tequatl's watery grave.

— In-game description


  • Use the Gloominator while submerged by Tequatl's Watery Grave attack. This is an AoE attack, usually situated within melee range, that is usually launched when Tequatl loses one-quarter of his total Health (i.e. at 75% Health, at 50%, and at 25%).
    • It is often rare for Tequatl to actually use this attack, as a large player army will keep him stunned throughout the phases where he would use it. Watery Grave is still placed at the 75% Health transition, so watch for it carefully and be ready to enter it.
  • Players can also access the Watery Grave after the fight is over. An underwater entrance is located directly west of the chest, against the underwater drop-off beside an NPC Krewe Researcher.


  • There used to be an area that constantly applied Watery Grave; it was eventually fixed in a patch.