Talabaroop Waves

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Talabaroop Waves

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Talabaroop Waves map.jpg
Map of Talabaroop Waves

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Location within Frostgorge Sound

Talabaroop Waves.jpg
Talabaroop Waves

Talabaroop Waves is an area in Frostgorge Sound. Presently, it contains the kodan sanctuary of Blue Ice Shining which was one of the first to arrive from the Far Shiverpeaks in the wake of Jormag's corruption. A more permanent feature is the quaggan village of Twoloop; it's unusual in the fact that it is both far from any major cities and yet relatively safe. There, the local villagers prepare for the Quaggan Games.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
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Learn the way of the kodan (75)
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Blue Ice Shining Waypoint —
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Twoloop Waypoint —
Hero Challenges
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Flowing Ice (76)
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Talooboo (76)
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Blue Ice Shining
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Defend the bridge to Blue Ice Shining (76)
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Keep dredge away from the ice bridge repair site (76)








Ambient dialogue[edit]

At Blue Ice Shining
Tensed Claws: This new world is a barbarous place, filled with fur and fury.
Soaring Spirit: Koda's plan often takes us across rough seas, but we shall calm the waves in time.
Harmonious Resonance: Can you hear it? The land itself cries out for balance to be restored.
Harmonious Resonance: It’s not surprising, though. Only Koda’s ears seem to hear the cries for balance.
Blue Ice Shining Claw of Koda: I have extended the paw of harmony to our brethren on the ailing sanctuaries.
Blue Ice Shining Guard: Our stability will restore their balance.
Blue Ice Shining Claw of Koda: When refugees arrive, place them on the path to security.
At Twoloop
Twoloop Villager (1): Have you seen Slupwoot recently?
Twoloop Villager (2): She went to Leopard's Tail Valley, even though quaggan told her it was dangerous.
Twoloop Villager (1): Quaggan certainly hopes nothing happened to her.
Twoloop Villager (2): Quaggans should send someone to look for her.
Twoloop Villager (1): HelloOOoOOOo!
Twoloop Villager (2): It is such a nice day. How are you doing?
Twoloop Villager (1): Delightful. Quaggan is excited for the Quaggan Games. Yes, quaggan is getting very excited indeed.
Twoloop Villager (2): Quaggans should go together. Quaggan would also like to see them.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
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