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The Quaggan Games are a traditional series of competitions held by the arctic quaggan. Originally, it was a competition between six great villages among the quaggan, however ever since Jormag awoke and the quaggan have been pushed south by the icebrood, only two of these villages remain: Twoloop and Orsippus.



After the competitors have been allowed time to prepare:

Commissioner Baabloo: Champions! Report to the racetrack!
Commissioner Baabloo: You've trained hard for this day. Are you ready to race?
Orsippus Champion Squilp: Quaggan's ready!
Commissioner Baabloo: Fins out! Tails straight! Quaggans, go!

Dialogue from here onwards varies depending on completed preparation events.

Swimming race:

Commissioner Baabloo: Squilp has taken control early.
Commissioner Baabloo: Through the halfway mark, now. Squilp is dominating the race.
Commissioner Baabloo: Quaggans are nearing the end of the race, and Squilp still has the lead.
Commissioner Baabloo: Squilp wins! Victory for Orsippus!
Orsippus Champion Squilp: Quaggan won! Quaggan won! The hatchlings will be so proud.


Commissioner Baabloo: Champions, to the arena!
Commissioner Baabloo: Quaggan's [sic] have long feared combat, but with the coming of Jormag, that has ended.
Commissioner Baabloo: Now, quaggans must embrace combat as a form of survival. And today, as a form of competition.
Commissioner Baabloo: This is the truest of the Quaggan Games. Be strong, and fight hard.
Commissioner Baabloo: Quaggans... Begin!

After the two rounds:

(If Squilp won both events)
Commissioner Baabloo: Squilp has won both events, and thus is the Quaggan Games champion!
Orsippus Champion Squilp: Quaggan's victory is for all of Orsippus!
Twoloop Champion Aloogwa: Foo! Even with your training, quaggan wasn't good enough.
Slishaa: Calm. Use your defeat. Let it make you stronger for next time.
Twoloop Champion Aloogwa: Thank you. Quaggan will work hard to make you proud.

Speaking with the NPCs after the competitions have ended:

Commissioner Baabloo: All quaggans of twoloop and Orsippus thank you for helping to make the Quaggan Games a success. It really helped quaggans forget their troubles for a while.
Talk end option tango.png Good-bye.

(If Squilp won the games)
Orsippus Champion Squilp: Quaggan won! Quaggan can't believe it. The hatchlings will be so proud of quaggan.
Talk end option tango.png Congratulations.
(If Squilp won the games)
Twoloop Champion Aloogwa: Quaggan couldn't live up to Slishaa. Quaggan just wasn't good enough to be champion.
Talk more option tango.png You did your best.
True, and that's all Slishaa said I needed. Maybe it's not so bad. Quaggan just wanted so much more.
Talk end option tango.png There's always next time.
Talk end option tango.png Yeah, you could have done better.

Closing the games:

Commissioner Baabloo: Slishaa, please come forward.
Commissioner Baabloo: The Quaggan games are at an end.
Commissioner Baabloo: To close the competitions, quaggans must now return the Shimmer Bauble to the depths.
Commissioner Baabloo: Slishaa, as the bauble runner, that honor falls to you.
Slishaa: Quaggan is ready. Quaggan will find a good stop.
Commissioner Baabloo: Then good luck. May Mellaggan protect you.