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Attuned equipment

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Attuned equipment is equipment that has been upgraded in the Mystic Forge to gain one extra infusion slot. Only ascended rings can be attuned. Attuned rings have a total of 2 infusion slots, or 3 infusion slots if they are also infused (which can be done before or after attuning the ring).

Warning: Crafting an attuned ring will destroy all infusions inserted in the original ring. The infusions can be safely removed prior to attunement by using an Infusion Extraction Device, and then reapplied to the new ring.


Upgrading an ascended ring:

Note: You must train Agony Channeler in the Fractal Attunement Mastery line before you can purchase an Agonized Essence.

List of attuned equipment[edit]

All attuned rings are available in both a regular version (with two infusion slots) and an infused version (with three):