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These builds are designed by another user. All credit (and comments) should be directed to them.
(The originator has permission to edit this page in my user space; all users have permission to fix typos.)

Source: User:Vili (Original posted on 24 December 2012)

Weapon Sets Utilities
Traits Comments Leveling Notes
Engineer tango icon 20px.png Engineer (The Tyrian Grenadier)

Med Kit.png Med Kit
→ [F1]: Bandage Self
Throw Mine.png Throw Mine
→ [F2]: Mine Field
Bomb Kit.png Bomb Kit
→ [F3]: Big Ol' Bomb
Grenade Kit.png Grenade Kit
→ [F4]: Grenade Barrage
Supply Crate.png Supply Crate


30 Explosives
III: Forceful Explosives
VIII: Short Fuse
XI: Grenadier
20 Firearms
IV: Rifled Barrels
VI: Hair Trigger or I: Knee Shot
20 Tools
VI: Speedy Kits
IX: Scope

A glass cannon build ...with a lot of tools to get away from things/keep them off you. Stacks long-lasting and ...dangerous conditions; crits often...for good damage. Grenades for ranged AoE and trigger your traits, [debuff] enemy and kite. Rifle + [Fx] skills for mobility & control. Bomb Kit in narrow spaces or when you can't kite; also good for running away. Abuse Speedy Kits for mobility.

Build doesn't work against worst mobs: they don't care about blind, resist vulnerability and knock back, and hit too hard for this build to recover/defend. TEF notes: it has some great self- and group-combos.

Weapons: Rifle is ...weak against ranged foes (blunderbuss, Overcharged Shot, and Jump Shot). Pistol/shield ...[is] much better at anti-ranged.

Vili doesn't like the enginner elites, so suggests considering a racial elite instead.

  • Speedy Kits ASAP
  • Forceful Explosives & Rifled Barrels
  • L60: Grendadier, Firearms +10, Tools +10
Warrior tango icon 20px.png Warrior (Blood of Fury)

Healing Signet.png Healing Signet
"Fear Me!".png "Fear Me!"
Stomp.png Stomp
"Shake It Off!".png "Shake It Off!"

Signet of Rage.png Signet of Rage

Healing Signet.png Healing Signet
"Fear Me!".png "Fear Me!"

Endure Pain.png Endure Pain 

"Shake It Off!".png "Shake It Off!"
Signet of Rage.png Signet of Rage

30 Arms
III: Deep Cuts
IX: Opportunist
VII: Crack Shot
20 Defense
V: Missile Deflection
IX: Shield Master
20 Tactics
I: Leg Specialist
VIII: Lung Capacity

Cause long-lasting, damaging bleeds, constant fury on every weapon set, has passive regeneration that's not regeneration boon to enhance moderately good survivability, crits often, two AoE "fuck off" buttons, effective against champs with unshakable (Throw Bolas is more reliable than fear or launch, though, so might consider swapping)

Mending is a good alternative healing skill if more condition removal is needed

No tactics until L40 (for Opportunist):
  • < L40: 10 arms, 10 defense, 10 anything
  • L40: 20 arms, 20 defense, 10 tactics
  • L60: 30 arms, 10 defense, 10 tactics