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Current Philosophy

When leveling up, I prioritize the following concepts when choosing skills, traits, and weapons:

Concept Description When in Doubt...
Durability If you survive, stuff dies. Eventually. Emphasize toughness and vitality, vigor, ...
Mobility Gain tactical advantage, avoid attacks, break aggro, or get from A to B. Choose enough traits & skills that you can get into or out of harm's way.
Direct Damage With survivability comes great boredom, so be able to kill stuff faster. Emphasize Power, Might, ...
Indirect Damage With great power, comes great faceroll, so find more interesting ways to kill stuff. Learn to sequence skills, build stacks, ... Precision, Critical Damage, and Condition Damage, depending on your style.
Learn to MMO Although you can solo most anything in the game, it's a lot more fun to play with others. Your personal style is the most important factor in deciding how to emphasize the following concepts:
  • Control & Support — this helps the rest of the group with the other elements.
  • Learn to Combo — combo skills are perhaps the only overpowered part of the game, especially in WvW against players that don't know how to use them/counter them.

Obviously, things can be much more complicated than I've suggested, but the idea is to use a rule of thumb so that you spend more time playing and less time thinking about playing.

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