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Tennessee Ernie Ford is the nom de web of the author of several cRPG guides. No relationship to the fantabulous gospel singer of the same name is intended or implied.
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This space available.


Most recent reviewed: July 2014.

  • Reddit on Guild Wars 2 — the most persistently interesting conversations about the game
  • GW2 TP API — the trading API I use to gather data.
  • SpidyTrading Post historical data; nice interface, but weeks to add new items.
  • GW2 Skills — decent build site
  • Into the Mists — preferred build site
  • Dynamic Crafting — xanthic.9478 wrote a script that determines the cheapest route to max each discipline, accurate to within the quarter-hour.
  • Heroku's SP-to-Gold — dynamically calculates the profit and coin/skill point when asking Zommy to forge items or promoting mats. Caveat: makes some simplifying assumptions; your mileage will vary.

GW2 Wiki

There are several reasons why I'm not contributing to GW2's official wiki:

  • I'm having fun playing the game.
  • I ended up leading a guild...and contributing to its website takes priority.
  • I've always enjoyed validating claims, copy editing, and rewriting to make things more accessible to more people...and I've never been a big fan of being first to create content. That is, I like plugging holes better than digging them.

However, the biggest thing is I wasn't enjoying myself much ...for too many reasons to list. Maybe when things settle down, I'll be back.

Miscellaneous tips

This space available.