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Field Blast Finisher Leap Finisher Projectile Whirl Finisher
Dark Area Blindness Blindness Lifesteal Leeching Bolts
Ethereal Area Chaos Armor Chaos Armor Confusion Confusing Bolts
Fire Area Might (x3) Fire Armor Burning Burning Bolts
Ice Area Frost Armor Frost Armor Chilled Chilling Bolts
Light Area Retaliation Retaliation Remove Condition Cleansing Bolts
Lightning Area Swiftness Dazing Strike Vulnerability Brutal Bolts
Poison Area Weakness Weakness Poison Poison Bolts
Smoke Area Stealth Stealth Blindness Blinding Bolts
Water Area Healing Healing Regeneration Healing Bolts



Icon Name Description
Aegis.png Aegis Block the next attack.
Fury.png Fury 20% Critical Chance increase. Stacks in duration.
Might.png Might X damage per attack increase. Stacks intensity.
Protection.png Protection 33% damage reduction. Stacks in duration.
Regeneration.png Regeneration Regenerates X health per second. Stacks in duration.
Retaliation.png Retaliation Does X damage to an opponent each time they hit you. Stacks in duration.
Swiftness.png Swiftness 33% movement speed increase. Stacks in duration.
Vigor.png Vigor Faster endurance regeneration. Stacks in duration.


Icon Name Description
Bleeding.png Bleeding Inflicts X damage per second. Stacks in intensity.
Blinded.png Blind Causes the target's next hit to miss instead.
Burning.png Burning Inflicts X damage per second. Stacks in duration.
Chilled.png Chilled Reduces movement speed and skill recharge by 66%. Stacks in duration.
Confusion.png Confusion Inflicts X damage each time a foe uses skill. Stacks in intensity.
Crippled.png Crippled Reduces movement speed by 50%. Stacks in duration.
Fear.png Fear Causes the target to run directly away from the caster.
Immobile.png Immobilized Immobilizes and prevents dodge. Stacks in duration.
Poisoned.png Poison Inflicts X damage per second. Reduces outgoing heals by 33%. Stacks in duration.
Vulnerability.png Vulnerability Reduces armor by X. Stacks in intensity.
Weakness.png Weakness Causes 50% of attacks to be glancing and reduces endurance regeneration by 50%. Stacks in duration.


Icon Name Description
Daze.png Daze Interrupts and prevents the target from using skills for a period of time.
Float.png Float An underwater effect which forces the target to move towards the surface.
Knockdown.png Knockdown Interrupts and causes the foe to be unable to move or use skills for a short duration. Knocked down foes fall to the ground.
Launch.png Launch Interrupts and tosses a character into the air.
Pull Interrupts and shortens the distance between the user and the foe by drawing one of them to another.
Knockdown.png Push Physically pushes foes away from the player and interrupts them. Also known as knockback.
Sink.png Sink An underwater effect which forces the affected target(s) to move away from the surface.
Stun.png Stun An effect caused by some skills which interrupts, immobilizes, and incapacitates foes for a short duration.