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Item Components Scavenger hunt
Mysterious Vine
Mysterious Seedling.png Mysterious Seedling Mysterious Seed.png Mysterious Seed
Mysterious Sprout.png Mysterious Sprout Mysterious Seedling.png Mysterious Seedling
Mysterious Vine.png Mysterious Vine and
Mysterious Seed.png Cultivated Seed
Mysterious Sprout.png Mysterious Sprout
Cultivated Vine
Mysterious Seedling.png Cultivated Seedling Mysterious Seed.png Cultivated Seed
Mysterious Sprout.png Cultivated Sprout Mysterious Seedling.png Cultivated Seedling
Pet Shoot.png Cultivated Shoot Mysterious Sprout.png Cultivated Sprout
Cultivated Vine.png Cultivated Vine and
Mysterious Seed.png Pet Seed
Pet Shoot.png Cultivated Shoot
Mysterious Seedling.png Pet Seedling Mysterious Seed.png Pet Seed
Mysterious Sprout.png Pet Sprout Mysterious Seedling.png Pet Seedling
Pet Shoot.png Pet Shoot Mysterious Sprout.png Pet Sprout
Pet Plantling.png Pet Plantling Pet Shoot.png Pet Shoot
Mawdrey (Infused).png Mawdrey and
Mawdrey II.png Mawdrey II
Pet Plantling.png Pet Plantling

Component recipes[edit]

Item Acquisition Trading Post
Clay Pot.png Clay Pot
Recipe sheet rare gift.png Recipe: Clay Pot
Plate of Meaty Plant Food.png Plate of Meaty Plant Food
Recipe sheet rare gift.png Recipe: Plate of Meaty Plant Food
Plate of Piquant Plant Food.png Plate of Piquant Plant Food
Recipe sheet rare gift.png Recipe: Plate of Piquant Plant Food
Grow Lamp.png Grow Lamp
Recipe sheet rare gift.png Recipe: Grow Lamp
Heat Stone.png Heat Stone
Recipe sheet legendary gift.png Recipe: Heat Stone