Mending Waters

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Disambig icon.png This article is about hero challenge in Uplands Oasis. For effect, see Mending Waters (effect).
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Mending Waters

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Uplands Oasis
(Dry Top)
Hero challenge
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Path to Mending Waters, starting from the northern path of Treadrock Uplands.

The Mending Waters is a hero challenge located in the Uplands Oasis area in Dry Top, at the top of the waterfall. The Mending Waters effect is present at the bottom of the waterfall, healing players who take fall damage.

Getting there[edit]

Starting from the northern path of Treadrock Uplands, head west towards the Oasis, keeping an eye out for an air Aspect crystal on the rocks to your right. Use it to climb onto the cliff, then continue west a few paces and climb up again to reach a second crystal. Use it to jump onto the rock to the west. The hero challenge will be visible below you, to the north-west.

Alternatively, start from the western side of the oasis and run up the sloped rock face southwest of the stream. You will pass an aspect crystal on the way up, but will not need it. Keep climbing north until you reach a narrow ledge overlooking the challenge, then simply glide to it if you have a glider.

If you have a mount but no glider, you can take the western route, then jump the chasm and proceed to the challenge as though you had come from the east.


The lush greenery and occasional soft rains of this oasis are a pleasant change from the scouring dust of the surrounding region.
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