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Chaos Orb

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Account Bound
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A humming emanates from this orb. It could be amplified with an additional source of Chaotic Radiation.
Double-click to show.

— In-game description

Chaos Orb is one of the many items required for crafting a Cultivated Vine backpiece. The item turns into a Resonating Chaos Orb after interacting with the Concentrated Chaotic Radiation.


Rewarded by[edit]


  • If the item was accidentally deleted or otherwise misplaced, complete Party Politics again and talk to Kasmeer Meade at the conclusion for a new copy.


  • This item does not stack.
  • When exposed to Concentrated Chaotic Radiation, which is located in the area for the Defeat the misplaced steam ogre event it will be changed into a Resonating Chaos Orb. The Matrix Cube Key is required to access this area, see that page for details on obtaining and charging the key.
  • You cannot charge multiple Chaos Orbs at once. The others are not destroyed, but only 1 will be changed to a Resonating Chaos Orb. You may circumvent this by utilizing a remote bank access item, such as the Bank Access Express and depositing the Resonating Chaos Orb to your bank after each use interaction with the Chaotic Radiation, or access any bank from a place that allows going back to previous position like Heart of the Mists or Mistlock Sanctuary.
  • To be precise, you cannot charge a Chaos Orb if you have a Resonating Chaos Orb in your inventory, regardless of whether the Resonating Orb was charged then or on a previous completion of the event.