Water of Rhand

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Water of Rhand

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Account Bound
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Combine in the Mystic Forge with a Piquant Plant Food, Bloodstone Dusts, and Thick Leather Section to create a Package of Rhand Blessed Plant Food.

The Font of Rhand is known to be a very magical place.

— In-game description



See also: Font of Rhand#Walkthrough
  1. Upon entering the mini-dungeon, descend to the first room while avoiding the floor pressure plate traps.
  2. Attack one of the statues on the west wall to break it down. Pick up the Statue Head after destroying the statue.
  3. Travel the south passage, descending to a circular room with a mortar on a platform. Fire Legion enemies may be defending the room. Rush directly to the mortar and use the Statue Head as ammunition to fire it. Defeat the remaining enemies or proceed to the next step.1
  4. The mortar will cause the ceiling to collapse and crash through the floor, opening the space beneath for travel.
  5. Jump off the platform and swim underneath the platform that holds the mortar you just shot. Inside on the wall is Fresh Water leaking through the wall. Interact with it and you will be given the option to bottle the water.
1 If the mortar is bugged and won't allow you to interact with it with the statue head in hand, stand on the floor and re-log into the game to get beneath it. It also cannot be interacted with if the floor has already been destroyed. However, if this does not work, you can still gain access to the chamber under the broken floor by going to the right room (room 2B from the guide on Font of Rhand and opening a door with the chains that are on the ceiling of the sunken area.

Used in[edit]

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients
Package of Rhand Blessed Plant Food.png Package of Rhand Blessed Plant Food Ascended Mystic Forge 0