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Where's your honor? We aren't cutthroats or animals. We kill when needed, when we can use that bloodshed to grow a garden.


Gavin is a sylvari seeking the White Stag. Though initially thought to be a fellow Dreamer, Gavin is revealed to be a high ranking member of the Nightmare Court. Despite this, unlike most of his brethren he acts honorably and dislikes trickery, only killing when needed rather than because he can—though like other Courtiers, he views the Nightmare as the proper route for the sylvari. He favors hunters and predators, viewing sylvari not of the Nightmare Court as prey. As such, Gavin hates it when strong hunters and predators refuse the Nightmare, as it "forces" him to turn them into his prey.


After joining the Nightmare Court, Gavin became one of its high ranking members. In 1325 AE he disguised himself as a Dreamer and left to search for the White Stag which he hoped the Nightmare Court could corrupt and help spread the Nightmare's cause. He was ambushed and nearly killed by Risen while tracking his quarry, however, until he was saved by the Valiant who was also after the White Stag. Realizing he could use the Valiant's strength to make his mission easier, Gavin lied that he wanted to capture and tame the White Stag to inspire the Dream and suggested that the two of them should hunt the White Stag together. The Valiant agreed and took Gavin to Caer Verdant to recover from his wounds, unaware of his true allegiance.

Once healed, Gavin joined the Valiant's side, and the pair successfully tracked down and captured the White Stag after a long chase. With his prize secure, Gavin revealed himself as a Nightmare Courtier and offered the Valiant a chance to side with him. When the Valiant refused and tried to stop him, the disappointed Gavin had a pack of Nightmare Hounds attack the Valiant while he took the White Stag to Hemlock Coil, one of the Nightmare Court's strongholds.

After the Valiant and Caithe had successfully located and freed the White Stag and taken him to the safety of the Grove, a Nightmare Courtier named Sariel took several Courtiers with her and launched an attack to both recapture the White Stag and have her revenge on the pair for humiliating her. When Sariel used underhanded methods during battle, however, Gavin appeared on the scene to stop the assault, reprimanded Sariel for lacking honor and used both his authority and threats to force the younger Courtier to leave.

Intending to resolve the dispute himself and prove that the Nightmare Court still had honor, Gavin apologized for Sariel's behavior and challenged the Valiant to a one-on-one duel: for the winner, the White Stag, and for the defeated, death. The Valiant accepted Gavin's terms and ultimately prevailed in the duel. Gavin accepted his fate solemnly, complimenting the Valiant's skills and proclaiming that he would be remembered in the Dream, before he took his last breath.

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