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Memory seeds are used to see into the memories of specific Sylvari. When planted in an area that is significant to a particular Sylvari’s past, the planter will be taken into the Dream to relive an essential moment of that Sylvari’s life.

After Caithe steals Glint's Egg, the Avatar of the Tree gives the Pact Commander four memory seeds to see into Caithe’s past. The first seed is planted in the Omphalos Chamber and takes the Commander back to the moment the second wave of Sylvari were born. Here, the Firstborn debate on how to deal with these new Sylvari and Faolain tells Caithe that Wynne knows an important secret about the Sylvari race. Caithe and Faolain then head out to find a group of Newborn that were captured by the Inquest. The second seed is planted outside of the Inquest Outer Complex where the kidnapped Sylvari were held. This seed follows Caithe's rescue mission and shows the tests that were being performed on the Sylvari. The third seed is planted in the Far Silverwastes and shows the moment that Caithe and Faolain find Wynne who has been living with a tribe of peaceful centaurs. This memory involves a battle, instigated by Faolain, which results in the extermination of the small centaur tribe. At the end of the vision, Wynne escapes through a portal in an strange wall inscribed with runes. The final seed is planted on the other side of the wall in The Sealed Cavern where Caithe and Faolain confront Wynne. While Faolain prepares to torture Wynne, Wynne tells Caithe that the Sylvari were born to be servants to Mordremoth and, fearful of what Faolain would do with that knowledge, begs Caithe to kill her before she is tortured. The memory seeds ultimately lead the Commander to Caithe who has returned to the cavern where she killed Wynne to remind herself of how far she would go to protect the Sylvari race.