Caithe (transformation)

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During Meeting the Asura and No Refuge, the player is reliving Caithe's memory and as such is playing as Caithe. The following skills are available:

# Skill Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
1 Twin Strikes.png Twin Strikes Chain. Strike your foe twice.
1 ChainCritical Strike.png Critical Strike Chain. Strike your foe again.
1 ChainBasilisk Strike.png Basilisk Strike 0.25¼ Strike your foe and petrify them.
1 Chain Arrow Toolbelt.pngBackstab.png Shadowstab 0.25¼ Stealth Attack. Attack your foe from the shadows. Shadowstep to your opponent before you strike them.
2 Viper's Leap.png Viper's Leap 0.75¾ 5 Leap forward, inflicting all foes in a line with a poisonous strike.
3 Reverse Blossom.png Reverse Blossom 0.5½ 6 Do an evasive attack over your target, striking nearby foes three times. During this attack, you reflect projectiles.
4 Paralytic Dagger.png Paralytic Dagger 0.25¼ 10 Throw a dagger that immobilizes foes.
5 Whirling Blades.png Whirling Blades 70.5½ 15 Spin around, striking foes near you. You can move while spinning.
Withdraw.png Escape 12 Roll backwards while healing and evading attacks. Cures immobilized, chilled, and crippled.
Dash (Caithe skill).png Dash 10.25¼ 10 Dash forward and evade attacks.
Toxic Caltrops.png Toxic Caltrops 1 15 Trick. Scatter caltrops that bleed, torment, and cripple foes.
Scorpion Wire (Caithe skill).png Scorpion Wire 0.5½ 20 Trick. Throw a scorpion wire and pull your foe to you.
Second Shadow.png Second Shadow 1 30 A stealth spell that doesn't get removed when you attack.


  • When transformed, you do not have access to any downed skills and will automatically be defeated when you run out of health.