Fused Gauntlet Ticket

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Fused Gauntlet Ticket

Item type
Account Bound
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Double-click to summon a vendor for 5 minutes, allowing you to purchase your choice of Fused Gauntlets. This ticket is the currency to obtain the item. Reusable until the ticket is exchanged.

— In-game description

Fused Gauntlet Ticket summons a Vigil Requisitioner as a merchant, allowing the purchase of a pair of account-bound Fused Gauntlets of your choice.


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Location Cost
Festival Rewards Vendor District Promenade; Bazaar Docks; The Crown Pavilion (zone) Laurel.png + 
1,600 Festival Token.png
Jale Bay of Elon 25 Laurel.png + 15 Gold coin
Jocasta Hall of Memories 25 Laurel.png + 15 Gold coin
Laurel Merchant Commodore's Quarter; Fort Marriner; The Upper City; Creator's Commons; Garden of Dusk; Memorial Quadrant; The Great Lodge; Havoc's Heir; Mistlock Observatory; Hall of Memories 25 Laurel.png + 15 Gold coin
Merit Professor Rizzak Mistlock Sanctuary 25 Laurel.png + 15 Gold coin
Nicola Champion's Rest 25 Laurel.png + 15 Gold coin
Sonder the Seller Commodore's Quarter
1,600 Festival Token.png
 + 1 Laurel.png
Varka Lava Lounge 25 Laurel.png + 15 Gold coin


Alliance Breaker Flame and Frost 75Achievement points
Complete the following achievements for Flame and Frost: Refugee Volunteer, Lost and Found, the Gathering Storm, Secret Contact, and Avenger of the Dispossessed.
Reward:Fused Gauntlet Ticket.png Fused Gauntlet Ticket
2 Achievements completed 25Achievement points
4 Achievements completed 25Achievement points
5 Achievements completed 25Achievement points


  • The ticket can be kept indefinitely, allowing the user to postpone deciding which of the three pairs of gauntlets to choose.
  • Using the ticket will give you a single exotic item of the selected weight, but will also unlock the skin in your wardrobe for all 3 weights.
  • The ticket is useful for a temporary map marker as long as you stay in the same map instance.