Deft Paw

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Deft Paw is a kodan found in Slough of Despond.


Shiverpeak Mountains


You came from the south, did you not? We've been debating whether we should attempt to rebuild or simply move southward and find new territory. Do you have any thoughts on that?
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Why would you want to go south?
Others from the Sanctuaries have already done so. They are led by Koda to find new lands. We here have been cut off from Koda recently, by the gnawing of the Dragon's minions and the sound of cracking ice.
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Wouldn't you be safer all in one place?
Safety is not the sole consideration. Koda sees all and has plans for us. We bear a great burden in this world. With power and wisdom come great responsibility.
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I see.
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You must follow your own hearts.
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Not right now. Maybe later.