Diving Goggles

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Diving Goggles

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Diving Goggles are bundles which strip characters of their armor and add diving skills. They can be found in high locations overlooking a body of water in which to dive. The Dive Master Explorer achievement can be obtained by finding all 38 required goggles and jumping into the water while wearing them. There are a total of 44 locations, but 6 of those do not count towards the achievement (see notes).

Diving Goggles are unlocked account-wide at a certain level and are level-gated. Until unlocked, they will give a "You cannot use this item at this time." message when used.


Upon putting on the goggles, all skill slots will be locked except slot 0, which becomes a "Leave Transform" skill. In addition, the character is stripped of weapons and armor in preparation for the dive. After jumping, slots 1 and 2 become the following skills:

Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Spin (diving).png
0 0 Hold to spin, must jump first.
0 0 Hold to flip, must jump first.
Leave Transform.png
 Leave Transform
0.25¼ 0 Exit your transform early, putting it into full recharge.


Zone Area Notes
Diessa Plateau Breachwater Lake On the cliffs overlooking the bridge west of
Point of interest.png
Burntfur's Pool.
Diessa Plateau Manbane's Outcrop East of
Waypoint (map icon).png
Manbane's Waypoint
Fields of Ruin Tenaebron Lake Next to
Waypoint (map icon).png
Tenaebron Waypoint
Fields of Ruin Warrior's Crown Southwest of
Waypoint (map icon).png
Summit Waypoint, on the south side of the pond in a tree
Fireheart Rise Pig Iron Mine At the start of the Pig Iron Quarry jumping puzzle, at the very top of the tower near the wheel of the giant winch
Iron Marches Champion's Shield As you enter the Chaos Crystal Cavern jumping puzzle
Iron Marches Sunken Halls of Clarent Southwest of Kennelmaster Warsnout (renown NPC), the heart south of
Waypoint (map icon).png
Warhound Village Waypoint
Plains of Ashford Lake Adorea South of
Waypoint (map icon).png
Adorea Waypoint
Plains of Ashford Loreclaw Expanse At the vista
Bloodtide Coast Remanda Saltmarsh West of the
Point of interest.png
Bloody Bill's Base
Gendarran Fields Brigantine Isles Southwest of
Waypoint (map icon).png
Brigantine Waypoint, at the edge of the island just to the left of the words Brigantine Isles
Gendarran Fields Broadhollow Bluffs Inside the jumping puzzle at
Point of interest.png
Second Aetherblade Site
Gendarran Fields Vigil Keep On the bridge northwest of
Waypoint (map icon).png
Vigil Keep Waypoint
Harathi Hinterlands Greenflin Plateau Northwest of the skill point, halfway along the cliff that runs northeast from the south end of the bridge.
Harathi Hinterlands Shieldbluff Point On a platform north of Raquel Ardor (renown NPC)
Kessex Hills Wizard's Fief Just before the vista near
Point of interest.png
Isgarren's View
Lion's Arch Sanctum Harbor At the
Waypoint (map icon).png
Diverse Ledges Waypoint
Maguuma Jungle
Brisban Wildlands Gotala Cascade At the vista
Brisban Wildlands Skrittsburgh East End West of
Waypoint (map icon).png
East End Waypoint
Caledon Forest Dominion of Winds Middle of the bridge from Titan's Staircase
Metrica Province Hexane Regrade At the vista west of Inquest Outer Complex
Metrica Province Loch Jezt On the floating stones bridge west of
Point of interest.png
Durotl Grounds
Mount Maelstrom Dierdre's Steps At the Cantle of Sun
Mount Maelstrom Dierdre's Steps At the Cantle of Sky
Rata Sum Idea Incubation Lab West of
Waypoint (map icon).png
Incubation Waypoint
The Grove Upper Commons Southeast of the
Waypoint (map icon).png
Upper Commons Waypoint
Ruins of Orr
Cursed Shore Mausollus Sea A little past the beginning of the Buried Archives jumping puzzle
Cursed Shore Cathedral of Verdance North of the skill point
Malchor's Leap Cathedral of Zephyrs At
Point of interest.png
Sculptor's End
Straits of Devastation Shark's Teeth Archipelago At the beginning of the Vizier's Tower jumping puzzle, on the east end of the broken bridge
Straits of Devastation Terzetto Bay On the prow of the airship docked at Fort Trinity
Shiverpeak Mountains
Frostgorge Sound Shattered Ice Floe At the end of the Shattered Ice Ruins jumping puzzle, east of the chest
Lornar's Pass Demon's Maw Next to the vista
Lornar's Pass False Lake Northwest of
Point of interest.png
Jetsam Isle on the island
Timberline Falls Gentle River Northern tip of the map on the opposite side of the lake to the Gentle River vista
Timberline Falls Nonmoa Lake On top of the Sipedon Deeps krait tower, southwestern edge above the Veteran
Wayfarer Foothills Grawlenfjord On the eastern bluffs across the creek from
Point of interest.png
Heart of the Bear
Wayfarer Foothills Taigan Groves Northwest of
Point of interest.png
Victor's Point
Other (Not required for the Dive Master achievement)
Dry Top Prospect Valley On top of the Prospect Valley Crash Site jumping puzzle. Grants the achievement Dive Master: Prospect Valley.
Edge of the Mists Inferno's Needle Jump into the bucket and pull the plug, then dive from the top of the map into the bucket. Grants the achievement Tidal Splash and contributes to the achievement Bucket List.
Edge of the Mists Stonegaze Spire Jump into the bucket and pull the plug, then dive from the top of the map into the bucket. Grants the achievement Daring Dunk and contributes to the achievement Bucket List.
Edge of the Mists Tytone Perch Jump into the bucket and pull the plug, then dive from the top of the map into the bucket. Grants the achievement Hold Your Breath and contributes to the achievement Bucket List.
Labyrinthine Cliffs Plaza of Peace At the Zephyrite kite ship's bow. Used for the longest dive jump in the game. Granted the achievement Best. Dive. Ever. during Bazaar of the Four Winds.
Southsun Cove Karka Hive At the top level. Used to jump into a pool of lava, a successful jump will kill the character. Granted the achievement The Goggles Do Nothing during The Secret of Southsun.


Diving Goggles worn by a human
  • You must land in the water in order to earn credit for the achievement; the jump will not count if you die.
Some accounts have access to Diving Goggles locked, even with maximum level characters.
Sometimes, using Flip or Spin just before landing will cause the character to freeze briefly, or spin continuously.
Sometimes, your character won't go back to their normal outfit after a dive. This won't contribute towards the achievement and can be almost impossible to resolve