Diving Goggles

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Diving Goggles

Diving Goggles.jpg

Diving Goggles are bundles which strip characters of their armor and add diving skills. They can be found in high locations overlooking a body of water in which to dive. The Dive Master achievement can be obtained by finding all 38 required goggles and jumping into the water while wearing them. There are a total of 45 locations, but 7 of those do not count towards the achievement (see other).

Diving Goggles are unlocked account-wide at a certain level and are level-gated. Until unlocked, they will give a "You cannot use this item at this time." message when used.


Upon putting on the goggles, all skill slots will be locked except slot 0, which becomes a "Leave Transform" skill. In addition, the character is stripped of weapons and armor in preparation for the dive. After jumping, slots 1 and 2 become the following skills:

Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Vapor Blade.png
Hold to spin, must jump first.
Cleansing Wave.png
Hold to flip, must jump first.
Leave Transform.png
 Leave Transform
Exit your transform early, putting it into full recharge.

Related achievements[edit]

Dive Master Explorer.png Explorer 18 Arenanet Points.png
Find and use 38 diving locations.Leave no tides unchallenged. 1 Diving Location Arenanet Points.png
10 Diving Locations Arenanet Points.png
22 Diving Locations Arenanet Points.png
38 Diving Locations 10 Arenanet Points.png


Diving Goggles worn by a human
  • Some accounts have access to Diving Goggles locked, even with maximum level characters.
  • Sometimes, using Flip or Spin just before landing will cause the character to freeze briefly, or spin continuously.
  • Sometimes, your character won't go back to their normal outfit after a dive. This won't contribute towards the achievement and can be almost impossible to resolve
  • You must land in the water in order to earn credit for the achievement; the jump will not count if you die.