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Earth Elemental

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Earth Elemental rendering

Earth Elementals are creatures composed of rocks. They have been seen in Ascalon and spawn around the Greater Earth Elemental during the tutorial portion of the human personal story. They can also be spawned by an elementalist with Glyph of Elementals.


[edit] Event involvement

Event boss (map icon).png
Stop the elder earth elemental from destroying the dam (4)

[edit] Locations

Maguuma Jungle
Shiverpeak Mountains
Maguuma Wastes
Ruins of Orr
The Mists

[edit] Combat abilities

Type 1
Type 2
  • Heavily Armored (6, 71)
  • Strong Armor (47)
Type 1
Type 2
  • Jab
Stolen skills

[edit] Drops

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