Sayeh al' Rajihd

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We serve our oaths, and those oaths demand your death.

— Sayeh al' Rajihd

Sayeh al' Rajihd is a female largos hunter from the Tethyos Houses. She met Trahearne some time in the past on the seas outside Orr, had to join forces to overcome the unstated 'difficulties' and became indebted to him. Trahearne later called upon that debt during the Pact's invasion on the Ruins of Orr by asking for her help to investigate the sunken temple of Abaddon and, later, secure the Artesian Waters. Sayeh also assisted in retrieving the krait orb for the Pact.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]


May your steps be relentless.
Your respite will be brief.
I condemned your soul.
I've been waiting for you.


  • Sayeh means "shade" in Persian.