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Vella Absconditus

Just leaving a little note here to say I'm not exactly finished with the User Page yet—but will be adding to it, chunks at a time—as Guild Wars 2 is currently too addictive for me and stealing away any time I would have right now to finish this up. I may as well also make it known that I am completely new to editing a wiki, and will be careful before I do anything! Please let me know(Talk) if I do something wrong, and point out where the fault was, so that I can improve for the future and avoid the same pitfalls.

— Vella Absconditus


Vella Absconditus Commander Mesmer tango icon 20px.png
Human Female Lv.80
Idaelyn Elementalist tango icon 20px.png
Sylvari Female Lv.80
Gate Engineer Miza Engineer tango icon 20px.png
Asura Female Lv.80
Master Tsunda Ranger tango icon 20px.png
Human Male Lv.80
Evie Mors Necromancer tango icon 20px.png
Human Female Lv.80
Thargus Ashmane Commander Thief tango icon 20px.png
Charr Male Lv.80
Decurion Aquillius Commander Guardian tango icon 20px.png
Human Male Lv.80
Adalin Grimrsdóttir Warrior tango icon 20px.png
Norn Female Lv.80
Enryon Renegade tango icon 20px.png
Sylvari Male Lv.80
Artificer Artificer tango icon 20px.png
Master 473
Jeweler Jeweler tango icon 20px.png
Master 400
Chef Chef tango icon 20px.png
Master 400
Huntsman Huntsman tango icon 20px.png
Master 400
Tailor Tailor tango icon 20px.png
Grandmaster 500
Leatherworker Leatherworker tango icon 20px.png
Master 400
Armorsmith Armorsmith tango icon 20px.png
Master 400
Weaponsmith Weaponsmith tango icon 20px.png
Master 400
Scribe Scribe tango icon 20px.png
Apprentice 181
Biography Phantasm of Sorrow.png  Biography Missed Opportunity.png  Biography Commoner.png  Biography Lyssa.png
Lyssa, the goddess...
Biography Water.png  Biography White Stag.png  Biography Right to Grow.png  Biography Dusk.png
Though trouble may...
Biography Panscopic Monocle.png  Biography Dynamics.png  Biography VAL-A Golem.png  Biography Bronk.png
Though trouble may...
Biography Pet Stalker.png  Biography Commoner.png  Biography Unknown Parents.png  Biography Melandru.png
Melandru, the...
Biography Ghostly Wraith.png  Biography Street Rat.png  Biography Dead Sister.png  Biography Grenth.png
Grenth, the god of...
Biography Subterfuge.png  Biography Ash Legion.png  Biography Clawspur.png  Biography Loyal Soldier.png
Though trouble may...
Biography Conqueror's Pauldrons.png  Biography Nobility.png  Biography Missed Opportunity.png  Biography Dwayna.png
Dwayna, the goddess...
Biography No Helm.png  Biography Protect the Spirits.png  Biography Blacked Out.png  Biography Wolf Spirit.png
Though trouble may...
Biography Green Knight.png  Biography Where Life Goes.png  Biography Day.png  Biography Ferocity.png
Though trouble may...
Server: Seafarer's Rest

Mistwarden [Hero]
The Traveling Minstrel [Bard]
The Battling Minstrel [Bard]

Personal Achievements[edit]

In progress[edit]

☐ All crafts to 400 on a single character (7/8)
☐ Reach Fractals - Personal Level 50


☐ All legendary weapons (12/21)
☐ All dungeon armor sets (1/8)
☐ Unlock Commander on all characters (3/8)
☐ All crafts to 500 on a single character (1/8)


☑ Unlock Guild Emblem Template
☑ First profession to Lv.80 (Mesmer)
☑ World Completion (Vella Absconditus)
☑ Unlock Guild Stash
☑ First craft to Master (Jeweler)
☑ Unlock Guild Armorer Contract
☑ Obtain Mad Memoires: Complete Edition on all characters (8/8)
☑ Complete all Halloween 2012 achievements (8/8)
☑ All crafts to 400 (8/8)
☑ Participate in all The Lost Shores events (Neil Absconditus)
☑ Obtain Triforge Pendant (Grohl Absconditus)
☑ Unlock Commander on a character (Grohl Absconditus)
☑ First legendary weapon (Incinerator)
☑ Complete all Wintersday 2012 achievements (15/15)
☑ Upgrade Triforge Pendant to Ascended status
☑ Obtain Personal Black Lion Merchant Express
☑ Obtain The Anomaly (Decurio Absconditus)
☑ All professions to Lv.80 (8/8)
☑ Complete all Super Adventure Box - World 1 achievements (17/17)
☑ Main and Off-Hand legendaries on a single character (Decurio Absconditus)
☑ Solo Ascalonian Catacombs - Story mode (Decurio Absconditus)
☑ Complete all Living Story - Flame & Frost achievements (14/14)
☑ Obtain a Sclerite weapon (PvP Sclerite Greatsword)
☑ Complete all Secret of Southsun achievements (35/35)
☑ Obtain a Dragon's Jade weapon (Dragon's Jade Wall)
☑ Complete all Dragon Bash achievements (16/16)
☑ Complete all Sky Pirates of Tyria achievements (21/21)
☑ Complete all Bazaar of the Four Winds achievements (25/25)
☑ All cultural armor sets (15/15)
☑ Complete all Support Ellen Kiel achievements (11/11)
☑ Complete all Support Evon Gnashblade achievements (11/11)
☑ Complete all Queen Jennah's Jubilee achievements (14/14)
☑ Complete all The Queen's Gauntlet achievements (17/17)
☑ Complete all Clockwork Chaos achievements (17/17)
☑ Complete all Super Adventure Box: Back to School achievements (17/17)
☑ Complete all Super Adventure Box: Tribulation Mode achievements (6/6)
☑ Complete all Tequatl Rising achievements (6/6)
☑ Complete all Twilight Assault achievements (10/10)
☑ Complete all Blood and Madness achievements (12/12)
☑ Complete Thirst Slayer achievement
☑ Complete all The Nightmare Is Over achievements (12/12)
☑ First craft to Grandmaster (Tailoring)
☑ Complete all A Very Merry Wintersday achievements (13/13)
☑ Craft a full set of Ascended armor (Vella Absconditus)
☑ Obtain Personal Black Lion Trader Express
☑ Obtain Permanent Bank Access Express
☑ Get drunk and stupidly buy a Legendary on the Trading Post.. (Meteorlogicus)
☑ Complete all The Origins of Madness achievements (14/14)
☑ Complete all The Edge of the Mists achievements (3/3)
☑ Complete all Escape from Lion's Arch achievements (15/15)
☑ Obtain Selfless Potion
☑ Obtain Thoughtless Potion
☑ All Mesmer-usable land weapons as Legendary — No duplicates (7/7)
☑ Complete all Battle for Lion's Arch achievements (17/17)
☑ Complete all WvW Spring Tournament 2014 achievements (19/19)
☑ Convince ArenaNet to make legendaries Account Bound (on Equip)
☑ Complete all Festival of the Four Winds achievements (24/24)
☑ Complete the new The Queen's Gauntlet achievement (1/1)
☑ Complete all Gates of Maguuma achievements (10/10)
☑ Complete all Entanglement achievements (10/10)
☑ Complete all The Dragon's Reach, Part 1 achievements (7/7)
☑ Complete all The Dragon's Reach, Part 2 achievements (10/10)
☑ Obtain a underwater legendary (Kamohoali'i Kotaki)
☑ All Mesmer-usable weapons as Legendary — No duplicates (9/9)
☑ Complete all WvW Fall Tournament 2014 achievements (6/6)

Choir Bell Songs (Old Bell)[edit]

(9↘) = Decrease Octave
(0↗) = Increase Octave
= Short pause

Chocobo Theme: 8→642864→6→4→6→5→44542→4→1→4468(0↗)23
Dragonborn: (9↘)123→345→574→321→123→345→578→7(0↗)21→123→2→1→(9↘)7→5→3→4→354→123→345→574→321
Fear Not This Night: 1→3→5→1→322(9↘)7→7786→(0↗)1→3→5→8→(0↗)322(9↘)7→7786
Game of Thrones: 5→1→345→1→342→→4→(9↘)7→(0↗)234→(9↘)7→(0↗)321
Prophecies: 123→4→321→12(9↘)7→7→786→(0↗)123→4→325→564→4→451
Song of Storms: (9↘)138→138→(0↗)2→3232(9↘)75→5→1→345→5→1→342→138→138→(0↗)2→3232(9↘)75→5→1→345→5→1
Song of Time: 5→1→3→5→1→3→576→4→345→1→(9↘)7(0↗)21
Wind Scene: 1→2→32(9↘)758→8→75345→4→2→357(0↗)2→3→(9↘)7→3432→(0↗)2→32(9↘)758→875345→4→2→3→57→(0↗)21(9↘)7→8→8


Harp/Choir Bell/Trumpet/Flute Songs[edit]

(9↘) = Decrease Octave
(0↗) = Increase Octave
= Short pause
* = Hold note (duration may vary from note to note)

Chrono Trigger - Peaceful Days:




  An introduction to World vs. World
  Crafting with a profit
Elementalist tango icon 20px.png Elementalist, a little less frustrating
Gold coin Gold isn't too hard to earn
Karma.png Karma, it doesn't need to feel like a grind
  Mystic Forge, demystified
  Obtaining your Legendary weapon(s)
Thief tango icon 20px.png There's more to Thief than Backstab


While there is a lot of good to be said about Guild Wars 2, I do not view Tyria purely through rose-tinted glass.
Here is a summary of my rants about the game;
  • Why isn't each Legendary weapon Account Bound? Just one of them take so much effort to create, and without making duplicate professions, you can at most create 16 of these with the 8 currently available (2 Gift of Exploration per character obtaining 100% World Completion).
    • Why can we sell/buy the legendaries on the Trading Post? That doesn't feel very legendary to me, when someone could technically just buy the finished product.
  • Why can't we preview items on the Trading Post?
  • Why is it possible to put up a custom offer for an item, for less than vendor value, when the players aren't allowed to sell anything on the Trading Post below said vendor value.
  • When my pet/minion gets hit by an attack, but not me, why do I move slower?
  • Why would ArenaNet host a free trial period at exactly the same time as the first big content update for the game (Karka event)? It was obviously going to backfire with major latency issues; "Hi, play our game, it lags like crazy! Our store is over there."
  • I hate Orr, way too many Risen, with way too much crowd control abilities. It was exciting the first few weeks when it was actually populated with players. These days, it's just a royal pain in the kitten.
    • Why do the Risen, for the most part, completely ignore any pet/minion and go straight for the player? The pet was sent in first to hit, with the player at a distance, why would the Risen run straight to the player and attack?
  • Why do some of the top end crafting materials need to be so excessively rare? When I kill a hundred foes, I would expect a couple materials to drop, but often times I get nothing but trash items.
  • I get the feeling ArenaNet wants me to hate collecting the Miniatures. Placing a number of them for Wintersday 2012 as Account Bound random chances in a box from the Gem Store, which ended up costing me €50 in order to get them all, was not my idea of reasonable. If my duplicates could at least be traded..
  • Why was it necessary to alter the Rich Orichalcum Vein from Southsun Cove's Karka Hive? It was replaced with a regular Orichalcum Vein, which is still guarded by a Champion Karka.
  • What's up with these insane prices on Ascended accessory for Laurels? It takes a full month of Daily Achievements, together with the Monthly Achievement and 50 Globs of Ectoplasm, to just buy a single accessory. That is 1 year and 4 months to fully gear up the 8 professions available, not forgetting the 6 months it takes to get yourself 8 amulets. So much for Guild Wars 2 not being a game based around grinding and gated progression.
    • Why do Ascended items all have Unique status on them? You can at most boost a stat with +5 per item, is that so game breaking? E.g., I have two Lost Seal of Usoku, perfect stats for my Mesmer build, but I can't use both, just one, and are thus "forced" to grind even more for the Defensive Infusion Slot version, Royal Signet of Doric.
  • Why aren't important item description text like Unique, e.g., colored red? Something to make it stand out a bit more from the rest of the stats text.
  • What is wrong with ArenaNet's Gem Store team? Do they want me to stop spending any real money to support the game? I've opened just under 150 Black Lion Chests, and did not get a single token for the Fused Weapon Skins, added with the March 26th patch. I absolutely hate all this random-chance-Account Bound stuff they are doing, where real money is involved.
  • ArenaNet's at it again. Free server transfers to Medium populated servers, while there is a EU server with Medium population in 1st place, Tier 1 World vs. World, completely broke the server community when a massive number of random players and smaller/bigger guilds joined it because it was top of the board and free to transfer to. The queues got insane, organized groups was not able to play together anymore. After a few weeks, the larger number of organized groups jumped ship to try get a better WvW experience elsewhere. Do they even consider the damage they may do with promotions like this? What was the purpose behind having free transfers together with the WXP ranking system being implemented? Why was that seen as being necessary?
  • Argh, why does ArenaNet insist on placing really hard achievements, in temporary content? This has been the case with basically every Living Story update since Sky Pirates of Tyria. With these hard achievements, it becomes hard to do anything else but work on them (at least as a completionist such as myself), which makes me burn out and not want to play anymore once I achieve them. I am constantly frustrated and get pushed towards the door, ready to leave and quit the game for good. I simply don't feel like I get any time to do any of the other things the game has on offer, e.g., World vs. World. Ultimately, this is leading to me not having fun while I am playing anymore, questioning myself why I am even playing when I'd save myself a lot of the annoyance and frustration (not to mention the monthly sum of money I've spent on the game and would have kept spending) if I quit and found something else to play and spend my money on. I dunno anymore, maybe I should just quit.
  • Well they finally turned me off on the idea of continuing to support the game with Gem purchases in order to buy Miniatures. When they released Mini Mr. Sparkles at Gamecom, basically preventing me from completing my collection reasonably, they shot themselves in the foot when it comes to steady income from me as a player. No idea what their team's doing sometimes. At least I made a lot of Gold selling my Miniatures collection. Those that can be sold at least. Really stings that I've paid money for Account Bound minis now. Thanks for the slap in the face, ArenaNet.
  • I feel a slight bit ripped off on my purchase of 3x Commander's Compendium, which was done prior to the changes introduced with the September 2014 Feature Pack. Players en masse rushed to buy it for 100 Gold a short time before it was deployed, as it was announced that this patch would soon turn it into a 300 Gold investment, but with the Commander tag becoming account wide and no longer being bound to a specific character. Now sure, I paid 300 Gold, that's the same price as the changes introduced ask for, but I paid 300 Gold because it wasn't account wide, because as most players will experience as they play over longer periods of time, you'll end up switching characters, and that used to mean you were losing access to something which can be rather important to you and others, others "depending" on you wearing such things as a blue dorito tag. A huge number of players got to buy it for 100 Gold (several friends of mine did, and I'm happy for them) with this knowledge prior to it getting changed, and as such I feel a bit ripped off that I (and others in my situation, who had purchased more than one book) wasn't refunded the difference for extra books purchased. I'll live, but it's still something that leaves a bit of a sour taste when thinking about it.
  • I honestly don't tend to feel rewarded in this game. If I get Ascended as a drop in say WvW Rank Up Chests, it's a random stat combination I have no use/desire for, I can't sell it on the Trading Post, I can't Salvage it. Rare's are plenty in World Events, but they hardly ever drop from "trash mobs". Exotics are pretty much non-existing in the wild. I'm not saying these things should be common, I'm not, but right now, it feels as if they are a bit too rare. Your average player may see 3-4 Exotics over the course of 2 whole years from enemies. That's a number close to what I've been seeing, with 5000 hours played. Karma rewards, are hardly rewarding, I can't salvage them when I'm done, I can't vendor them, they are to be deleted, poof'd out of existence. That doesn't feel rewarding. There's a lot of issues with rewards in this game, at least the way I feel about it.