Dreams of a Thorn

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Dreams of a Thorn is an achievement only accessible to characters who have completed the main story of Heart of Thorns.


This achievement rewards items.This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Dreams of a Thorn Knight of the Thorn 5Achievement points
Locate objects of power across Tyria to aid in the restoration of Caladbolg.
Reward:Orb of Natural Essence.png Orb of Natural Essence

1 Mote Collected 0Achievement points
11 Motes Collected 5Achievement points


In order to complete the achievement, all 11 motes must be found. Their locations are listed below:

Name Map Closest Waypoint Hint Acquisition
Sprouting Mote - - Seeking to return a blade's glory, a knight departs from home. This mote is given to you by Ridhais to unlock the achievement.
Radiant Mote Radiant Mote map.jpg Waypoint (tango icon).png Ronan's Waypoint The Grove In the garden of dawn, a secret grove is infused by light. From the waypoint, follow the path north, not taking the ramp up, and head to the back wall to a small pond below Warden's Watchgate. Dive into the pond, and exit it into the secluded area where the mote is located.
Serene Mote Serene Mote map.jpg Waypoint (tango icon).png Tenaebron Waypoint Fields of Ruin Within fields torn by the dragon's power, a small glen blooms. From the waypoint, run west up the ramp, and continue to head west-northwest towards Secluded Glen. The mote is found near the Pile of Stones Hero Point.
Defiant Mote Defiant Mote map.jpg Waypoint (tango icon).png Apostate Waypoint Fireheart Rise Surrounded by smoke and flame, a hallowed tree rises above the wastes. From the waypoint, run southwest to the massive tree referred to as God's Hand. Upon reaching it, start running around its base, heading clockwise to find the mote on a large rock by the roots.
Patient Mote Patient Mote map.jpg Waypoint (tango icon).png Vine Bridge Waypoint Dry Top Sheltered from dry winds, an oasis begins to reclaim the sand. From the waypoint, glide north-northeast to the small plateau surrounded by streams of water west of the Oasis point of interest to reach the mote located on top.
Blossoming Mote Blossoming mote location.jpg Waypoint (tango icon).png Nolan Waypoint Diessa Plateau A garden blooms atop rusting metal wreckage, tucked away within a sprawling plateau. This mote is just west of the strawberry patch in Town of Nolan. Go through the pipe on the left near the vista, past the closest pipe to the vista.
Determined Mote Determined Mote map.jpg Waypoint (tango icon).png Barricade Camp Waypoint Harathi Hinterlands In the distant hinterlands, life struggles upward deep in a hidden cavern. From the waypoint make your way toward Hidden Ourobon, but take the more northern entrance. Enter the smaller cavern with the waterfall in the northern section, and head towards the back towards the mastery point near the waterfall. From there, jump or glide down southward to the mote lying on a dead tree.
Misty Mote Misty Mote map.jpg Waypoint (tango icon).png Traveler's Dale Waypoint Gendarran Fields Near bountiful fields, an ancient shrine is blessed with life. From the waypoint, head north to the entrance to the Stonebore Vaults and take the path up and over towards the Ancient Cave Spring Hero Challenge. The mote is opposite the hero challenge.
Pure Mote Pure Mote map.jpg Waypoint (tango icon).png Cereboth Waypoint Kessex Hills Life grows around a waterfall cascading from rolling hills, untouched by war's corruption. Head northwest from the waypoint, over the waterfall and the vista, to a grassy ledge where the mote is located. It is easier to see the ledge with the mote if you land next to the vista.
Violent Mote Violent Mote map.jpg Waypoint (tango icon).png Caer Brier Waypoint Sparkfly Fen In a fen's gorge, walls of thorns safeguard warriors from the dragon's dead. Head west from the waypoint to the mote located against the nearby wall in Chokevine Gorge.
Shining Mote Shining Mote map.jpg Waypoint (tango icon).png Triforge Point Waypoint Brisban Wildlands Though its tenders are gone, the remains of a wondrous garden still shimmer with light in wild lands. From the waypoint, head northeast, then south towards the Thaumacore Inquiry Center point of interest. Make your way through it, and head to the south wall, jump/glide down and head west to the small path that takes you into Aurora's Remains. When there, head towards the area under the mushrooms where the splendid chest appears after helping Less Longbow for the final mote.

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