Bane Touter

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Bane Touter is a charr located in The Bane. He can tell about various features of the Bane.




Step right up. Tonight we have something for everyone in the Bane. Drama! Action! Horror! Thrills! And for the little ones... blood a'plenty!
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That's an awful lot of boast for just a battle arena.
Just a battle arena? We host the deadliest and most exciting combat in all of Tyria. Compared to the Bane, Lion's Arch is just a shoving match. Hoelbrak's Pit is a mere tickle fight.
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What kind of fights do you have?
You name it, the Bane's got it. Solo fights, warband clashes, guild melees, creatures, magical beasts. Even sea battles in our own aqua tank; second only to the Unending Ocean in size.
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Impressive. Maybe I'll see you later.
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Sounds like quite a spectacle. Maybe I'll come back.
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Next time I need a thrill, I'll get back to you. Bye.