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Disambig icon.png This article is about Living World content. For the legendary trinket, see Vision. For noncorporeal representations, see Vision (race).

Visions of the Past is supplementary Living World content for The Icebrood Saga with its Steel and Fire chapter debuting on March 17, 2020. Unlike Current Events and Side Stories, in some of the missions the player assumes the role of another character than the Pact Commander, while the content depicts events that take place in the past. The rest of the visions depict reimplemented Living World Season 1 content.

Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire[edit]

Scry into the past and witness what life is like as a member of Ryland's elite Steel Warband. Armed with the finest charr technology, the group will head into deadly snowstorms, dwarven ruins, and even explore the Darkrime Delves.

As a recruit, you are expected to assist the warband in a variety of tasks. Take up sniper rifles to fend off threats, gather components to bolster allies, and partake in friendly competitions to see who can defeat the most enemies.

Of course, there are additional perks to being in the Steel Warband—the troop is equipped with the latest armored vehicle. Recruits are expected to maintain the vehicle, but if you gather some ammo, you will be more than welcome to hop into one of the gunner seats and rain fiery death down upon any foe foolish enough to oppose the warband.

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