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Orrian Oyster

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Siren's Landing node. For the home instance node, see Orrian Oyster (object).
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Orrian Oyster

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Orrian Oyster locations.jpg

Map of the Orrian Pearl spawn locations.

Orrian Oysters are resource nodes found in the explorable zone of Siren's Landing.

Gathering results[edit]


Ruins of Orr


  • These nodes do not produce bonus gatherings, like those produced by using a Glyph of Bounty.
  • Any quality sickle will harvest Orrian Pearls, but Dragonite Ore will be changed to Wad of Mud if an orichalcum-equivalent harvesting sickle is not used.
  • It is possible for nodes to not spawn, though most nodes will. Spawn locations appear to be at fixed locations.


  • Although the icon of the Oyster ingredient is similar to real world oysters, this object is more similar to scallops.

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