Exalted Beacon

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Exalted Beacon

Exalted Beacon.jpg

Tangled Depths
(Heart of Maguuma)

These beacons are found throughout the watery depths of Tangled Depths. The crystals next to them allow players to navigate the tunnels without being attacked by fish by applying an AoE fear and blind in a 500 range radius around the player active so long as one is held. When held, the player will have all their weapon skills removed (1-5) and instead gain a new skill, Lifeguard. Lifeguard revives allies and teleports them to you in a 500 radius with a 10s cooldown.


Heart of Maguuma


  • Simply interact with the beacon to pick a crystal up. They provide the same bonus to nearby party members as well.
  • The beacons require Exalted Markings be trained prior to their use.
  • They function similar to the Luminous Plants found in the Aquatic Ruins Fractal except they have a much longer duration.