List of hero challenges in Tangled Depths

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Hero challenge Level Location Required Mastery
Ancient Power Core 80 Decayed Hive none
Chak Hatchery 80 Chak Stronghold Nuhoch Wallows.png Nuhoch Wallows,  Itzel Poison Lore.png Itzel Poison Lore
Egg Clutch 80 Ogre Lane none
Gilded River 80 Tangled Descent Updraft Use.png Updraft Use
Guano-Incubated Spider Eggs 80 Deeproot Sink Updraft Use.png Updraft Use
Inquisitor's Campsite 80 Undergrowth Connector none
Jellyfish Grotto 80 Deeproot Sink Exalted Markings.png Exalted Markings
Mushroom Spore Cloud 80 Rata Novus Lane Glider Basics.png Glider Basics, or  Bouncing Mushrooms.png Bouncing Mushrooms
Newborn Mushrooms 80 Rata Novus Lane Glider Basics.png Glider Basics
Nightthistle Bloom 80 Dragon's Passage Updraft Use.png Updraft Use
Troll Runestone 80 Tangled Descent none