List of hero challenges in the Maguuma Wastes

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A list of hero challenges in the Maguuma Wastes region.

Dry Top[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Cavern of the Shining Lights 80 Ley Line Hub
Challenger Cliffs 80 Cliff Peak
Prospect Valley 80 Wreckage of Zephyrite Crystal Garden
Prospect Valley 80 Hruugar Ironhaunch
Uplands Oasis 80 Mending Waters

The Silverwastes[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Central Silverwastes 80 Strange Pillar
Desperate Passage 80 Fragrant Cactus
Far Silverwastes 80 Sacred Stones
Northeastern Silverwastes 80 Skritt Ledge
Northeastern Silverwastes 80 Veteran Northern Shelf Elemental
Vinewrath Tangle 80 Fallen Asura