List of hero challenges in Kryta

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A list of hero challenges in the Kryta region.

Bloodtide Coast[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Stormbluff Isle 48 Defeat Agent Xinn
Stormbluff Isle Deputy Crackshot
Laughing Gull Island Commune with Beckoning Force
Mentecki Pass 53 River Drake Broodmother
Mournful Depths 54 Defeat Two-Eye Ignatl the Pirate
Flooded Castavall 54 Commune with the Krait Place of Power

Gendarran Fields[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Brigantine Isles 33 Klakka the Brain
Hezran Outcrops  ? Ooze Analyzer XH-9333
Icegate Gorge  ? Commune with Softly Glowing Light
Lake Gendarr 32 Willoo
Melandru's Cenote  ? Commune with Ancient Cave Spring
Talajian Piedmont 26 Oakheart Seed.
Vigil Keep 25 Warmaster Yulia

Harathi Hinterlands[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Arca Lake 40 Commune with Harathi Forward Post
Bonerattler Caverns 40 Commune with Hidden Falls
Greenflin Plateau 38 Conspicuous Feather Pile - Defeat the Crazed Ettin and Its Raptor Pack
Modniir Gorge 42 Ancient War Stones - Defeat the ancient warbeast and its pack
Wildspine Hills 37 Commune with Dolyak's Rest
Wildspine Hills 38 Take Down the Seraph Ballista

Kessex Hills[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Wizard's Fief 20 Defeat Merkessa the Fire Elemental
Meremoot Hill  ? Commune with Centaur Gathering Site
Viathan Lake  ? Fight Tocatl
Draithor's Demesnes  ? Consume Draithor's Lab's Powerfully Weird Meat
Blackroot Cut 16 Defeat the beings from the Underworld


Location Level Hero challenge
Altar Brook Vale 10 Bandit Loot.
Godslost Swamp Commune with Temple of Ages
Pinion Trail Consume Erts Jug of Power Unguent
Scaver Plateau 7 Chhk the Windmill King
Shaemoor Garrison Commune with Earthen Magic
Shire of Beetletun 12 Carnie Jeb.
Taminn Foothills Commune with Tamini Place of Power