List of hero challenges in Ascalon

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A list of hero challenges in the Ascalon region.

Blazeridge Steppes[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Deserter Flats 46 Serenity Temple
Heretic Plain 46 Defeat the Marmox Packleader and His Pack
Lowland Burns 51 Birthplace of the Vigil
Pockmark Roughs 46 Searing Crystal
Relliatus Canyon 48 Defeat Fane Skinchisel

Diessa Plateau[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Blackblade Lake 24 Defeat Bogfang and his brood
Gram Hills 18 Defeat Sharptail and her devourer brood
Halrunting Plains 15 Prove Yourself Against Shaman Purda
Rancher's Wash 20 Defeat Rancher Poisonswill's Gigantic Bull
Spider Nest Cavern 23 Use Tasty Meat from Veruta Beefhawker.
The Blasted Moors 17 Defeat Roj the Rowdy Butcher
The Blasted Moors 17 Ascalonian Aqueduct
The Breached Wall 24 Remains of the Northern Wall

Fields of Ruin[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Ebonhawke 1 Commune with Gwen's Grave
Secluded Glen 41 Pile of Stones
Ebonhawke 31 Defeat Fallen Angel Gretel
The Ogre Road 34 Defeat Krunko Bugtender
Tanglerot Hills 39 Defeat Matriarch Scrabclaw

Fireheart Rise[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Fuller Cistern 62 Defeat Steelbeak and His Flock
Burnt Hollow 66 Defeat Tribune Sorya Fatekiller
Rustbowl 62 Defeat Chieftain Inpetla
Keeper's Sanctum 67 Defeat Smolderjaw and His Warband
Liberation Dell 69 Defeat Marse Scythetail
Simurgh Timberland 69 Burning Forest
Sloven Pitch 71 Flame Castrum

Iron Marches[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Ironhead Lake 54 Searing Cauldron
Lamprey Grottoes 57 Spar with Zzzig
Soldier Mesa 57 Defeat Emberclaw
Viper's Run 57 Crusader Arevir Soulhammer
Lake Desolann 58 Branded Waterfall
Lake Carnifex 59 Defeat Sharky Longears and Thundernation P70X

Plains of Ashford[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Tela Range 5 Defeat Titus Gearclaw
Lake Adorea 10 Defeat the effigy and its engineer
Ashford Forum 13 Defeat Centurion Micka Thickblood
Devast District 11 Defeat Captain Mattox and his Ethereal Vanguard
Ascalon City Ruins 14 Ruins of Ascalon City
Ascalon City Ruins 14 Ascalonian Ruins