List of hero challenges in Malchor's Leap

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Location Level Hero challenge
Blighted Arch Memory of Dhuum's Last Stand
Blighted Arch Statue of Lyssa
Cathedral of Eternal Radiance Altar of Lyssa
Cathedral of Eternal Radiance 78 Defeat Alexandra Duet
Cathedral of Zephyrs Altar of Dwayna
Cathedral of Zephyrs Explorer Cinnia
Crusted Shoals Unidentified Beverage
Drowned Brine Statue of Grenth
Garden of Ilya  ? Defeat the Enchanted Bow
Karst Plains King's Altar
Karst Plains Statue of Dwayna
Pyrite Peninsula Metal Forest
Snaketail Inlet 80 Looah
Valley of Lyss Statue of Balthazar
Whisper Bay Statue of Melandru