List of hero challenges in the Maguuma Jungle

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A list of hero challenges in the Maguuma Jungle region.

Brisban Wildlands[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Skrittsburgh East End 19 Defeat Schotakk the Shiny King and His Band.
Skrittsburgh Center 20 Defeat Shminkta's power suit.
Skrittsburgh Center Consume Bottle of Skrittsburgh Special.
Hidden Lake 23 Defeat the Arboreal Spirit.
Koga Ruins 23 Subdue the Ghostly Runner.
Duskstruck Moors Commune with Thaumacore Energy Source.
Toxal Bog Consume Toxal Bog Stew.
The Shattered Henge Commune with Henge of Denravi.

Caledon Forest[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Morgan's Spiral 6 Defeat the Thorn Wolf Scariel and Its Pack.
Ogham Wilds Commune with Waterfall.
Glencarn Sperrins 8 Defeat the Veteran Ancient Maguuma Wurm and Its Hatchlings.
Dominion of Winds 11 Defeat Swift Arrow.
Wychmire Swamp 14 Defeat the Knight of Sorrows and Her Attendants.
Morgan's Spiral Consume Morgan's Orchid.
Quetzal Bay Commune with Krait Altar.

Metrica Province[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Loch Jezt 3 Defeat Utcua.
The Funhouse 6 Defeat Master Genius Jettz and His Assistants.
Akk Wilds Quiz with Oola.
Inquest Outer Complex 13 Defeat Black Ice 4444.
Thaumanova Reactor 15 Defeat the Ancient Ember and Its Minions.
Michoan Marsh 11 Defeat Golemancer Gitt and His Prototype Golems.
Luminates Plant Commune with Luminates Plant
Cuatl Morass Consume Cuatl Tonic.

Mount Maelstrom[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Sunken Droknah Commune with Droknah's Relic.
Tarkkakt, SE of Droknah 68 Defeat Tarkkakt.
Tzanopl Grounds 68 Defeat Petil.
Treacherous Vents 67 Defeat Urrahn the Hunter.
Murkvale 65 Defeat Venomspinner and her devourer brood.
Maelstrom's Bile Commune with Heart of the Volcano.
Infinite Coil Reactor 69 Defeat IQ1800 LX.

Sparkfly Fen[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Saltflood Mire Commune with Ancient Energy Source.
Uzanarin Depths 57 Defeat the Ancient Hylek Defenders.
The Shattered Keep 58 Defeat Spooky Luka the Disbeliever.
Leeshore Gauntlet Commune with Orrian Tomb.
Leeshore Gauntlet Commune with Ancient Shark Pistrix.
Aleem's Penance 64 Defeat Gilbert, the Risen Treasure Hunter.