List of hero challenges in Auric Basin

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Hero challenge Level Location Required Mastery
Ancient Golem Part 80 Lastgear Standing Lean Techniques.png Lean Techniques
Balthazar's Statue 80 Balthazar's Rest none
Burnisher Quarry 80 Burnisher Quarry Updraft Use.png Updraft Use
Egg Clutch 80 Chak Hollow none
Exalted Overlook 80 Tarir, the Forgotten City Glider Basics.png Glider Basics
Champion Tarnished Sage 80 Tarir, the Forgotten City none
Mordrem Flower 80 Eastwatch Bluff Bouncing Mushrooms.png Bouncing Mushrooms
Notice to Trespassers 80 Eastwatch Bluff none
Suspicious Orichalcum 80 Arrowhead Vale none
Toxin-Cured Hog 80 Westwatch Patch none
Young Mushrooms 80 Tarnished Treetop none