List of hero challenges in the Shiverpeak Mountains

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A list of hero challenges in the Shiverpeak Mountains region.

Dredgehaunt Cliffs [edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Dissun's Mine 41 Help the Skritt Test Her Mining Suit.
The Wide Expanse 48 Defeat the ancient jotun spirits.
Ratatosk Commune with the Shiniest Skritt Treasure.
Theign Spiritwalk Commune with the Jotun Holy Site.
Dostoev Sky Peak 50 Defeat the foreman and his crew.
Dociu Excavation Commune with the Dwarven Relic.

Frostgorge Sound[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Yakkington's Toil 73 Defeat Eulda Soulseer.
Bore Lynch 75 Fight Miner Voss.
Talabaroop Waves 76 Fight Talooboo's Shark.
Talabaroop Waves 76 Fight Flowing Ice.
Despond Precipice 80 Defeat Okamuk.
Drakkar Spurs 79 Defeat Icebrood from the Frost Portal.
Watchful Fjord Commune with the Glacial Trench.

Lornar's Pass[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Durmand Priory Consume the Mysterious Meat.
Underburg Talk with the Dwarven Relic.
Chillwing Perch 26 Defeat Frost Portal Icebrood.
Icedevil's Needle 28 Fight Smashy.
Lake of Lamentation 30 Defeat the Steam Foes.
Durmand Priory (location) Commune with the Heart of the Priory.
False Lake 35 Fight the Quaggan Pirate.
Reaper's Gate Commune with Grenth's Door.
Stonescatter Wash 35 Defeat Lionguard Mette.

Snowden Drifts[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Darkhoof Heights Commune with Raven Shaman's Power Source.
Dragon's Rising 17 Defeat Stinging Wind.
Glisterice Caves Commune with Grawl Totem.
Isenfall Lake Consume Raven Tonic.
Ossencrest Climb 24 Defeat Razorwing and her brood.
Owl's Abattoir 19 Defeat the Devotee of Owl.

Timberline Falls[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Ural's Delve Commune with Ural's Delve.
Candle Chimney Consume Grawl Paint.
Naui Waters 56 Fight Cooroo's Crab.
Guilty Tears Commune with the Strange Energy Source.
Mellaggan's Grotto Talk to Bullablopp.

Wayfarer Foothills[edit]

Location Level Hero challenge
Darkriven Bluffs 5 Defeat Blane the Insane.
Dolyak Pass 10 Consume Cold Filtered Wurm Tincture.
Hangrammr Climb 2 Commune with Issormir's Body.
Hunter's Lake 10 Defeat the elder icebrood troll and his minions.
Kresdor Kenning 5 Defeat Bear Shaman Marga.
Solitude Vale Commune with Ancient Cave Spring
Svanir's Dome. 15 Defeat Bjord and his crew.
The Shadowhorns 8 Defeat Burrisson the Blue.