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Gift of Craftsmanship

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Gift of Battle.png

Gift of Craftsmanship

Item type
Account Bound
Silver coin 40 Copper coin
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A gift used to create legendary armor.

— In-game description


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Ash Legion Provisioner Ash Legion Provisioner Memorial Quadrant Black Citadel 50 Provisioner Token.png
Aym Aym Trade Commons Hoelbrak 50 Provisioner Token.png
Quartermaster Natomi Quartermaster Natomi Maguuma's Breach Verdant Brink 50 Provisioner Token.png
Scavenger Rakatin Scavenger Rakatin Tarnished Treetop Auric Basin 50 Provisioner Token.png
Skritt Trader (Lion's Arch) Skritt Trader Commodore's Quarter Lion's Arch 50 Provisioner Token.png
Supply Assistant Supply Assistant Ogre Camp Tangled Depths 50 Provisioner Token.png
Synergetics Intern Synergetics Intern Interdisciplinary Accessium Rata Sum 50 Provisioner Token.png
Temple Quartermaster Temple Quartermaster Dwayna High Road Divinity's Reach 50 Provisioner Token.png
Warden Eve Warden Eve Maker's Terrace The Grove 50 Provisioner Token.png

Used in[edit]

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients
Gift of Prosperity.png Gift of Prosperity Exotic Mystic Forge 0
Legendary Rune.png Legendary Rune Legendary Mystic Forge 0
Legendary Sigil.png Legendary Sigil Legendary Mystic Forge 0


  • One Gift of Craftsmanship is required to upgrade each piece of the final set of precursor armor to legendary. This only applies to the PvE legendary armor. The WvW and PvP legendary armors don't need this Gift.
  • Even though the in-game description only says "A gift used to create legendary armor", it's also used to create a legendary rune and a legendary sigil.
  • For a complete Legendary Armory it would take 33 gifts; 8 sigils, 7 runes and 18 armor pieces. Equivalent to 1650 Provisioner Tokens.