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Memory's Hollow

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Memory's Hollow

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Memory's Hollow map.jpg
Map of Memory's Hollow

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Inner Nayos
(Horn of Maguuma)
Connects to
The Forgotten Path (SW)
Heitor's Dominion (N)

Memory's Hollow.jpg

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Memory's Hollow is an area within eastern Inner Nayos. The Astral Ward forward camp in Nayos is situated here.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Astral Ward Camp Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Astral Ward Camp
Point of interest (map icon).png Tree of Many Faces
Point of interest (map icon).png The Pillars of Mosyn
Point of interest (map icon).png Mere of Everlasting Night
Vista (map icon).png Memory's Hollow Vista
Mastery Insights
Mastery point (Secrets of the Obscure).png Inner Nayos Insight: Memory's Hollow







Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Astral Ward Skirmisher: I heard the Kryptis in charge down here is Peitha's cousin or sister or aunt or something.
Astral Ward Skirmisher: And the Kryptis king and queen, Eparch and...Lavris? Lubrus? That's her aunt and uncle? That true?
Rift Hunter Warrior: If you say so. I have no idea.
Astral Ward Skirmisher: Ever seen a demon baby?
Rift Hunter Warrior: What?
Astral Ward Skirmisher: Aunts and uncles and cousins. Doesn't that imply the Kryptis get married and have kids and stuff?
Rift Hunter Warrior: They don't work like that. I think it's more symbolic. Or maybe it's a subspecies kind of thing. I don't know.
Rift Hunter Warrior: But I have definitely never seen a demon baby. Yuck.
Astral Ward Skirmisher: Hm. Too bad. A baby craven with a cute little beak...
Rift Hunter Warrior: An unexpected boon of this journey has surely been Ramses's foraging prowess. The natural sustenance of Nayos is fascinating!
Astral Ward Protector: Ah! Boiled roots, and boiled...are those rocks?
Astral Ward Protector: I think I'll wait until we receive those rations from the tower.
Rift Hunter Warrior: Serve yourself. I've quite taken to the heartier tastes of this land.
Intelligence Officier Havard: Any new intel to report, Streff?
Astral Ward Operative Streff: Difficult to get close enough to hear much without them sensing me.
Intelligence Officier Havard: Understood. Keep at it.
Astral Ward Operative Streff: I did overhear something about a...Nephus?
Intelligence Officier Havard: Name's been reported, but there's not much context. Somebody on the other side of the barrier is about all we know.
Astral Ward Operative Streff: One of the Kryptis sounded...respectful toward them. Almost reverent. Seemed to anger her superior.
Intelligence Officier Havard: Hm. Well done. I'll add this to the intel reports. Take a breather before you head back into the field.
Astral Ward Mage (1): Yes, yes, it was I who told you that they might very well feed on each other.
Astral Ward Mage (2): You're not listening to me. I mean it in the literal sense.
Astral Ward Mage (1): Go bother someone else with your—excuse me, do you mean to suggest...
Astral Ward Mage (2): Sondors brought in a corpse with some bites, and based on prior autopsies—
Astral Ward Mage (1): Bite marks could mean anything. And to what end? They feed on emotion—
Astral Ward Mage (2): Again, you're not listening. Bites. Chunks. Gaping, swollen, pus-oozing demon gore—
Astral Ward Mage (1): Save it. You're not going to disturb me with flowery language. Now, document this and any related evidence. Good work.
Astral Ward Mage (2): Th-thanks, ma'am.
Rift Hunter Warrior: Sick of these patrols. When are we going after Eparch?
Astral Ward Mage: We gotta get through Ignaxious. Heitor. Who knows after that. The queen? This Nephus I'm hearing rumors about?
Rift Hunter Warrior: Nephus? I can't keep all these names straight.
Astral Ward Mage: Just concentrate on making it home from this patrol. Let Arina handle the strategy.
Rift Hunter Warrior: I'm not talking about some harebrained researcher's theory. I saw it happen.
Astral Ward Protector: But why …and HOW?
Rift Hunter Warrior: We're more susceptible to possession when we're scared, right? So…
Astral Ward Protector: So…you're telling me the Kryptis are scared of us.
Rift Hunter Warrior: Well, they sure aren't scared of me. Or you.
Astral Ward Protector: Pfff, speak for yourself. I'm pretty imposing.
Rift Hunter Warrior: Think about it! What if Lyhr or Dagda showed up on the tower doorstep with their own Astral Ward army.
Astral Ward Protector: Where would they get their own army…
Rift Hunter Warrior: Man, are you dense. Peitha! They're scared of Peitha!



Crafting resources[edit]

Fishing nodes
Fish resource (map icon).png Nayosian Fish
Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Rich Somnorite Vein
Mine resource (map icon).png Vesperite Ore
Plant resource (map icon).png Thornsprout Bloom
Wood resource (map icon).png Spiderknot Tree
Wood resource (map icon).png Ancient Spiderknot Tree