Warden Eve

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Warden Eve


Interactive map

Warden Eve is the Faction Provisioner for The Grove.


Maguuma Jungle
  • The Grove
    • Reckoner's Terrace — near Waypoint (map icon).png Reckoner's Waypoint, outside the crafting stations

Items accepted[edit]

Collector's Provisioner Token Exchange

Item Cost
Provisioner Token.png Provisioner Token Glob of Elder Spirit Residue
Provisioner Token.png Provisioner Token (1 per day) Sheet of Ambrite
Provisioner Token.png Provisioner Token (1 per day) 14 Superior Rune of the Grove
  • Price comparison:
Tab Items accepted Buy Price Sell Price
(Direct Purchase)
Provisioner Token
Any tango icon 20px.png Glob of Elder Spirit Residue.pngGlob of Elder Spirit Residue
Any tango icon 20px.png Sheet of Ambrite.png3 Sheets of Ambrite
Armorsmith tango icon 20px.png
Leatherworker tango icon 20px.png
Tailor tango icon 20px.png
Superior Rune of the Grove.png14 Superior Runes of the Grove
Account Bound

Account Bound

Items offered[edit]

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Crafting Rewards[edit]

Item Type Rarity Cost
Polished Aurillium.png Polished Aurillium Gizmo Exotic Provisioner Token
Crafter's Supply Bag.png Crafter's Supply Bag Container Exotic Provisioner Token
Exotic Equipment Satchel.png Exotic Equipment Satchel Container Exotic 10 Provisioner Token
Gift of Craftsmanship.png Gift of Craftsmanship Trophy Legendary 50 Provisioner Token

Bloodbound Weapons[edit]

Item Type Rarity Cost
Faithful.png Bloodbound Axe Axe Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Moonshank.png Bloodbound Dagger Dagger Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Chalice of the Gods.png Bloodbound Focus Focus Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Ebonblade.png Bloodbound Greatsword Greatsword Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Bronze Hammer.png Bloodbound Hammer Hammer Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Dragonspine.png Bloodbound Spear Spear Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Éibhear Dunn.png Bloodbound Longbow Longbow Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Fixer Upper.png Bloodbound Mace Mace Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Ruinmaker.png Bloodbound Pistol Pistol Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Vera.png Bloodbound Rifle Rifle Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Coldsnap.png Bloodbound Scepter Scepter Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Jora's Defender.png Bloodbound Shield Shield Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Éibhear Finn.png Bloodbound Short Bow Short bow Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Tribal Rifle.png Bloodbound Harpoon Gun Harpoon gun Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Bramblethorne.png Bloodbound Staff Staff Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Honor of Humanity.png Bloodbound Sword Sword Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Legionnaire Trident.png Bloodbound Trident Trident Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Firelighter.png Bloodbound Torch Torch Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Tinwail.png Bloodbound Warhorn Warhorn Rare 10 Provisioner Token
Bloodbound Adjuster.png Bloodbound Adjuster Crafting material Rare Provisioner Token