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September 30, 2014

Update - September 30, 2014[edit]

New Features and Content[edit]


Messages received in-game that are sent by ArenaNet in an official capacity, such as messages sent by a GM, will now display the ArenaNet logo (or the KZ logo for Chinese accounts). All other messages will display a warning that the message is from another player. Official messages from a GM or other ArenaNet employee will always display the appropriate logo and will never display a warning message. Any message claiming to be sent from ArenaNet or from a GM that displays the warning message is NOT actually from ArenaNet or from a GM.

Balance, Bug-fixing, Polish[edit]

World Polish[edit]


  • Fixed a bug that prevented some crafting ingredients from displaying a View Recipe button even if unlocked.

Fractals of the Mists[edit]

  • Cliffside:
    • Combat Log: The burning fires at the chest seal now come from the Archdiviner instead of "Unknown."
  • Molten Facility:
    • Fixed an issue that caused the party to be teleported back to the entrance to the boss room if a player re-entered the room after the boss was defeated.

Sorrow's Embrace[edit]

  • Fixed an issue that caused General Zadorojny and his guards to teleport to a player in a different section of the map.


Profession Skills[edit]

  • Magnetic Aura.png Magnetic Aura
    • Removed the unnecessary range indicator.
  • Burning Retreat.png Burning Retreat (Conjure Flame Axe)
    • Added a Combo Field skill fact.
  • Meteor Shower.png Meteor Shower
    • Updated the Duration: 9 skill fact.
    • Adjusted the ground effect ring to better match skill duration.
  • Deep Freeze.png Deep Freeze (Conjure Frost Bow)
    • Added a Duration: 5 skill fact.
  • Frost Storm.png Ice Storm (Conjure Frost Bow)
    • Added a Number of Impacts: 24 skill fact.
  • Arcane Wave.png Arcane Wave
    • Updated the description to more accurately describe functionality.
  • Glyph of Elemental Power.png Glyph of Elemental Power
    • Updated the description to indicate that the condition application chance works for all spells rather than just spells of a specific element.
  • Evasive Arcana Evasive Arcana
    • Corrected the Shockwave effect description that incorrectly said it inflicted immobilize.
  • Water Blast.png Water Blast
    • Updated the description accuracy for the number of targets.
  • Lightning Surge.png Lightning Surge
    • Updated the description accuracy for the number of targets.
  • Boil.png Boil
    • Added a line-of-sight check for this skill.
  • Murky Water.png Murky Water
    • Added a line-of-sight check for this skill.
  • Fixed an issue in which droppable bundle weapons were destroyed if the engineer changed utility skills while holding the weapon.
  • Grenade Barrage.png Grenade Barrage
    • Fixed a bug that caused this skill to lose its Number of Targets skill fact with Grenadier slotted or when viewed underwater.
  • Sword of Justice:  Command (sword).png Command
    • Updated the skill fact for radius to the correct value of 180.
  • Battle Presence Battle Presence
    • Fixed a bug that allowed the application of Virtue of Resolve to gates and walls.
  • Lich Form:  Grim Specter.png Grim Specter and  Marked for Death.png Marked for Death
    • Updated the accuracy of skill facts for damage.
  • Charge (necromancer skill).png Charge (Flesh Golem)
    • Fixed a bug that caused this skill to behave inconsistently when used under high latency.
  • Death Shroud.png Death Shroud
    • Leaving Death Shroud by running out of life force now engages the same cooldown as manually ending Death Shroud by using the End Death Shroud skill.
  • Spirits
    • Added a red indicator ring to spirit attacks to show range for opponents.
  • Nature's Vengeance Nature's Vengeance
    • Adjusted effects for spirit attacks to better match their radius.
  • Vigorous Recovery Pumping Up
    • Fixed a bug that prevented this skill from functioning when used with human and sylvari racial healing skills.
  • Exploding Venom Sack.png Exploding Venom Sac [sic] (Stolen Skill)
    • Fixed a bug that prevented this skill from showing the combo field ring for allies.
  • Last Stand Last Stand
    • Fixed a bug that caused this trait to activate Rousing Resilience for 4 seconds instead of 8 seconds.
  • "Shake It Off!".png "Shake It Off!"
    • Removed unnecessary range indicator.

Racial Skills[edit]


Structured Player vs. Player[edit]

Black Lion Trading Company Gem Store[edit]

New Items and Promotions[edit]

Trading Post[edit]

  • Performance has been improved when navigating between sections on the Trading Post.
  • Recently viewed items on the Home tab now show the sell price instead of the buy price.
  • Recently viewed items on the Home tab now show quantities available.
  • My Latest Trades on the Home tab shows whether the transaction was a buy or a sell.
  • My Transactions tab defaults to showing current transactions.
  • Canceling a listing on the My Transactions tab no longer scrolls back to the top of the lists.
  • Projected Profit is now shown in the tooltip when you hover over the Total Price value.
  • The order form now shows 40 listing levels for buys and sells.
  • Edit box sizes on the order form have been increased.

Bug Fixes[edit]

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes[edit]

  • Undocumented bug fixes:
    • All players can again use Diving Goggles on all characters, if at least one character has unlocked this feature.
    • Restored the automatic filter in the Equipment subpanel, so that you only see gear that can fit in the selected slot.
    • Restored the ability to double-click to move items from inventory to account vault while in bank mode at any bank or crafting station.
    • Dye changes no longer reset Finishers and Minipets.
  • Build: 39,660