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Phantasm of April

April, the Mesmer Wunderkind is a young human child who can be found around the world during the Someone in Need collection, and later in Wizard's Fief in Kessex Hills.


Early years[edit]

April was born and raised just outside of Divinity's Reach, in the small village of Garenhoff. She is an ambitious and adept mesmer—and a serial meddler.

Someone in Need[edit]

At some point, April stole secret documents from the Mesmer Collective in Divinity's Reach. Zinnia, a Veil of the Collective, pursued her all the way to Lion's Arch. There, April managed to trap Zinnia under a ward that nullified her magic, preventing her from escaping. The Pact Commander fortuitously stumbled upon the trapped Veil and helped her solve the riddles left by April. This led the Commander to several of April's hiding places, allowing them to recover the stolen documents in the process. As she witnessed the Commander solving all of her riddles, April eventually yielded, and both returned to Zinnia. Freed from the ward, Zinnia expressed both anger and admiration for the young mesmer. Before parting, April jokingly described herself as "Future Veil of the Mesmer Collective."

Secrets of the Obscure[edit]

In 1336 AE, April could be seen in her home town, investigating the recent disappearance of the Wizard's Tower. The Commander ran into her again and overheard her conversation with a local woman about the tower's sudden absence, prompting the Commander to interview other people in town to piece together clues to solve the mystery.


Crystal Desert
Heart of Maguuma
Maguuma Jungle

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