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This article documents the formatting practices and processes with regards to the documentation of skills. They are documented through the use of the skill infobox template.


Skill parameters[edit]

Skill names[edit]

Skill names are documented as seen in-game, keeping the original capitalization. Therefore, the correct form is "Ray of Judgment", as opposed to "Ray of judgment" or "Ray Of Judgment". Redirects to different capitalizations are usually avoided, so keep in mind the proper form when linking to a skill.

When multiple skills share the same name, or when a name is shared between skills and other game mechanics, the following rules should be followed.

  • If a skill name is shared by a profession and by a bundle, such as for example the elementalist skill "Burning Retreat" and the Lava Axe skill "Burning Retreat", we adopt the format:
  • If a skill name is shared between a skill and a trait, such as the elementalist skill "Cleansing Wave" and the elementalist trait "Cleansing Wave":
  • If a skill name is shared by two professions, such as the thief skill "Smoke Bomb" and the engineer skill "Smoke Bomb", we use the format:

The goal is to keep profession skill names as simple as possible, for easier documentation and so readers may find those skills more easily.

Skill descriptions[edit]

Skill descriptions are copied verbatim from the game, and any spelling or grammar mistakes should be noted with the {{sic}} template. However, the skill type (which is shown in-game in gold text at the beginning of the description) is omitted on the wiki, since this is already stated in the skill infobox.

Skill facts[edit]

Skill facts are documented using the {{Skill fact}} template, calling the template once for each fact. See the template documentation for details on using it for standard facts, as well as how to document non-standard facts.

  • Whenever possible, use the standard options provided by the fact template. Avoid cluttering skill facts with non-standard formatting.
  • Facts should reflect the default PvE state of the skill with base attributes. Damage and healing facts scale with the character's level and attributes, thus these variables need to be standardized for consistency between skills. The (current) baseline criteria are:
    • Level 80 character (base value for primary attributes is 1000)
    • No active effects that modify attributes
    • No traits that increase damage/healing, affect condition duration/damage, or otherwise modify skill facts. Traits that simply add facts are fine, since the new facts can be identified by their blue text and ignored.
      • In the current trait system, you always have 3 specializations equipped, and the minor traits in those specs are automatically selected, thus this may be difficult for some professions.
    • No armor, trinkets, or back items equipped
    • Weapons are necessary for weapon skills, but should be unequipped otherwise
      • Level 80 exotic
      • No sigils that affect damage, conditions, or healing
      • Ideally, the prefix should have no attributes that affect skill facts, i.e. no Power, Healing Power, Boon Duration, or Condition Duration. Thus, Dire and Rabid prefixes should be used, since they are the only two of the available triple-attribute prefixes with none of those attributes.
    • If a skill can only be accessed in a way that forces an attribute modification (e.g. Banner bundle skills can only be accessed by holding that bundle, which gives attribute bonuses), then that modification becomes the default for that skill.
  • The sPvP or WvW version of the skill may have differences to the PvE version. These should be documented under "Notes".