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Dragon Bash.png Lunar New Year[edit]

Lunar New Year releases
User Mora Year of the Ram banner.png
Year of the Ram

Event items[edit]

Item Acquisition Trading Post
Lunar New Year Firework.png Lunar New Year Firework
Exploding Draketail.png Exploding Draketail
Prismatic Rocket.png Prismatic Rocket
Great Guild Firework.png Great Guild Firework
Visage of the Great Ram Firework.png Visage of the Great Ram Firework
Homemade Lucky Envelope.png Homemade Lucky Envelope
Homemade Lucky Envelope.png Personalized Homemade Lucky Envelope
Little Lucky Envelope.png Little Lucky Envelope
Divine Lucky Envelope.png Divine Lucky Envelope
Divine Lucky Envelope.png Dragon Ball Champion's Divine Lucky Envelope
Coffer of the Dragon Ball Champion.png Coffer of the Dragon Ball Champion


Item Acquisition Trading Post
Dragon Mask.png Dragon Mask Skin
Lion Mask.png Lion Mask Skin
Lucky Ram Lantern.png Lucky Ram Lantern
Lucky Great Ram Lantern.png Lucky Great Ram Lantern
Plush Ram Backpack.png Plush Ram Backpack Set


Item Acquisition Trading Post
Mini Ram.png Mini Ram


Item Acquisition Trading Post
Imperial Outfit.png Imperial Outfit


Item Acquisition Trading Post
Delicious Rice Ball.png Delicious Rice Ball
Fried Golden Dumpling.png Fried Golden Dumpling
Spring Roll.png Spring Roll
Steamed Red Dumpling.png Steamed Red Dumpling
Sweet Bean Bun.png Sweet Bean Bun

Special items[edit]

Item Acquisition Trading Post
Ram Balloon.png Ram Balloon
Red Lantern.png Red Lantern
Red Envelope Mail Carrier.png Red Envelope Mail Carrier