Recovered Black Lion Goods

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Recovered Black Lion Goods

Item type
Account Bound
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Contains loot stolen from the Black Lion Trading Company by the Knife Tail Gang.
Use the box to randomly unlock a Black Lion wardrobe item you don't already have. Some items—in particular mounts and some weapon sets—are less common than others. Preview to see everything available.

— In-game description


Contained in[edit]


Outfit Unlocks

Mount Unlocks

Primary article: Recovered Black Lion Goods/Mount Unlocks

Armor Unlocks

Weapon Unlocks

Primary article: Recovered Black Lion Goods/Weapon Unlocks

Dye Unlocks

Primary article: Recovered Black Lion Goods/Dye Unlocks


  • The Preview window hides skins and dyes already unlocked by the account, and therefore will be excluded from the loot table.
  • The chat code throws a "Cannot link from this location" info message without linking the item. However you can type /me before the chat code and preview it if you have emote text enabled.
  • The Knife Tail Gang Hunting Bond returned for a one day sale on March 25th, 2021.
  • Unlock list was expanded in Game updates/2022-03-15.
  • Attempting to display the Preview window on an account with all the unlocks will not have any effect. Other Guaranteed Unlock items will display a Preview window with an empty list.

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