Recovered Black Lion Goods

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Recovered Black Lion Goods.png

Recovered Black Lion Goods

Item type
Account Bound
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Contains loot stolen from the Black Lion Trading Company by the Knife Tail Gang.
Use the box to randomly unlock a Black Lion wardrobe item you don't already have. Some items—in particular mounts and some weapon sets—are less common than others. Preview to see everything available.

— In-game description

Recovered Black Lion Goods is a container item, opening which unlocks a random Gem Store-exclusive skin or dye that wasn't already unlocked on the account. The list of possible unlocks can be previewed and includes outfits, exclusive dyes, minis, Mail Carriers, and skins for weapons, armor, back items, gliders, and mounts. Recovered Black Lion Goods are found by killing Knife Tail Gang NPCs only if the character has the Bonded Hunter—Knife Tail Gang.png Bonded Hunter—Knife Tail Gang effect active at the moment. The effect is granted by using the Knife Tail Gang Hunting Bond consumable item.


Contained in[edit]


Outfit Unlocks

White Tiger Outfit.pngWhite Tiger Outfit
Wandering Weapon Master Outfit.pngWandering Weapon Master Outfit
Venombite Outfit.pngVenombite Outfit
True Assassin's Guise Outfit.pngTrue Assassin's Guise Outfit
Spellforged Outfit.pngSpellforged Outfit
Queensdale Academy Outfit.pngQueensdale Academy Outfit
Primal Warden Outfit.pngPrimal Warden Outfit
Pharaoh's Regalia Outfit.pngPharaoh's Regalia Outfit
Noble Courtier Outfit.pngNoble Courtier Outfit
Nightspeaker Outfit.pngNightspeaker Outfit
Magical Outfit.pngMagical Outfit
Mage Knight Outfit.pngMage Knight Outfit
Jora's Outfit.pngJora's Outfit
Infused Samurai Outfit.pngInfused Samurai Outfit
Herald of Aurene Outfit.pngHerald of Aurene Outfit
Frostfire Outfit.pngFrostfire Outfit
Eve's Prophecies Outfit.pngEve's Prophecies Outfit
Dragon's Watch Regalia.pngDragon's Watch Regalia
Astral Scholar Outfit.pngAstral Scholar Outfit
Abyss Stalker Outfit.pngAbyss Stalker Outfit
Mist Stranger Outfit.pngMist Stranger Outfit
Ritualist Outfit.pngRitualist Outfit
Champion of Tyria Outfit.pngChampion of Tyria Outfit
Defiant Glass Outfit.pngDefiant Glass Outfit
Gem Aura Outfit.pngGem Aura Outfit
Haunted Armor Outfit.pngHaunted Armor Outfit
Elonian Elementalist Outfit.pngElonian Elementalist Outfit
Imperial Guard Outfit.pngImperial Guard Outfit
Logan's Pact Marshal Outfit.pngLogan's Pact Marshal Outfit
Shrine Guardian Outfit.pngShrine Guardian Outfit
Timekeeper Outfit.pngTimekeeper Outfit
Winter Monarch Outfit.pngWinter Monarch Outfit
Zafirah's Tactical Outfit.pngZafirah's Tactical Outfit
Primeval Dervish Outfit.pngPrimeval Dervish Outfit
Inquest Exo-Suit Outfit.pngInquest Exo-Suit Outfit
First Follower Desmina Outfit.pngFirst Follower Desmina Outfit
Forged Outfit.pngForged Outfit
Awakened Zealot Outfit.pngAwakened Zealot Outfit
Spring Promenade Outfit.pngSpring Promenade Outfit
Outlaw Outfit.pngOutlaw Outfit
Kasmeer's Regal Outfit.pngKasmeer's Regal Outfit
Dynamics Exo-Suit Outfit.pngDynamics Exo-Suit Outfit
Taimi's Outfit.pngTaimi's Outfit
Rox's Pathfinder Outfit.pngRox's Pathfinder Outfit
Braham's Wolfblood Outfit.pngBraham's Wolfblood Outfit
Mursaat Robes.pngMursaat Robes
Ghostly Outfit.pngGhostly Outfit
Ice Encasement Outfit.pngIce Encasement Outfit
Marjory's Shrouded Outfit.pngMarjory's Shrouded Outfit
Witch's Outfit.pngWitch's Outfit
Fancy Winter Outfit.pngFancy Winter Outfit
Winter Solstice Outfit.pngWinter Solstice Outfit
Slayer's Outfit.pngSlayer's Outfit
Raiment of the Lich.pngRaiment of the Lich
Pirate Captain's Outfit.pngPirate Captain's Outfit
White Mantle Outfit.pngWhite Mantle Outfit
Wedding Attire Outfit.pngWedding Attire Outfit
Sentinel Outfit.pngSentinel Outfit
Harbinger of Mordremoth Outfit.pngHarbinger of Mordremoth Outfit
Monk's Outfit.pngMonk's Outfit
Mad Scientist Outfit.pngMad Scientist Outfit
Lyssa's Regalia.pngLyssa's Regalia
Lunatic Guard Outfit.pngLunatic Guard Outfit
Ironclad Outfit.pngIronclad Outfit
Gwen's Attire.pngGwen's Attire
Daydreamer's Finery Outfit.pngDaydreamer's Finery Outfit
Exemplar Attire Outfit.pngExemplar Attire Outfit
Dwayna's Regalia Outfit.pngDwayna's Regalia Outfit
Crystal Savant Outfit.pngCrystal Savant Outfit
Crystal Arbiter Outfit.pngCrystal Arbiter Outfit
Crystal Nomad Outfit.pngCrystal Nomad Outfit
Verdant Executor Outfit.pngVerdant Executor Outfit
Bandit Sniper's Outfit.pngBandit Sniper's Outfit
Balthazar's Regalia Outfit.pngBalthazar's Regalia Outfit
Noble Count Outfit.pngNoble Count Outfit
Shadow Assassin Outfit.pngShadow Assassin Outfit
Bloody Prince's Outfit.pngBloody Prince's Outfit
Mad King's Outfit.pngMad King's Outfit
Imperial Outfit.pngImperial Outfit
Jungle Explorer Outfit.pngJungle Explorer Outfit
Executioner's Outfit.pngExecutioner's Outfit
Nature's Oath Outfit.pngNature's Oath Outfit
Cook's Outfit.pngCook's Outfit
Ancestral Outfit.pngAncestral Outfit
Arctic Explorer Outfit.pngArctic Explorer Outfit
Arcane Outfit.pngArcane Outfit

Glider Unlocks

Fox Spirit Glider.pngFox Spirit Glider
Zephyrite Paraglider Glider.pngZephyrite Paraglider Glider
Frostfire Glider.pngFrostfire Glider
Cube Matrix Glider.pngCube Matrix Glider
White Mantle Glider.pngWhite Mantle Glider
Timekeeper Glider.pngTimekeeper Glider
Super Cloud Glider.pngSuper Cloud Glider
Super Adventure Glider.pngSuper Adventure Glider
Sunspear Glider.pngSunspear Glider
Spectral Glider.pngSpectral Glider
Snowflake Glider.pngSnowflake Glider
Skyscale Squadron Glider.pngSkyscale Squadron Glider
Shining Blade Backpack.pngShining Blade Glider
Sheet Music Glider.pngSheet Music Glider
Shattered Cathedral Glider.pngShattered Cathedral Glider
Shattered Bloodstone Glider.pngShattered Bloodstone Glider
Raven's Spirit Glider.pngRaven's Spirit Glider
Phoenix Glider.pngPhoenix Glider
Phoenix Kite Glider.pngPhoenix Kite Glider
Necrotic Glider.pngNecrotic Glider
Ironclad Glider.pngIronclad Glider
Glacial Glider.pngGlacial Glider
Geomancer Glider.pngGeomancer Glider
Flying Boar Glider.pngFlying Boar Glider
Floral Glider.pngFloral Glider
Exalted Glider.pngExalted Glider
Electromagnetic-Descender Glider.pngElectromagnetic-Descender Glider

Mount Unlocks

Primary article: Recovered Black Lion Goods/Mount Unlocks

Armor Unlocks

Weapon Unlocks

Primary article: Recovered Black Lion Goods/Weapon Unlocks

Backpack Unlocks

Winter Monarch Cape.pngWinter Monarch Cape
Skeletal Wings Backpack.pngSkeletal Wings Backpack
Citadel Assault Pack.pngCitadel Assault Pack
Lightbinder Blades Wings.pngLightbinder Blades Wings
Shrine Guardian Backpack.pngShrine Guardian Backpack
Herald of Aurene Cape.pngHerald of Aurene Cape
Volcanic Backpack.pngVolcanic Backpack
Nightspeaker Wings Backpack.pngNightspeaker Wings Backpack
Stained Glass Wings Backpack.pngStained Glass Wings Backpack
Celestial Ministry Cape.pngCelestial Ministry Cape
Spellforged Backpack.pngSpellforged Backpack
Tanglewood Wings Backpack.pngTanglewood Wings Backpack
Dragon's Watch Cape.pngDragon's Watch Cape
Abyss Stalker Cape.pngAbyss Stalker Cape
Jora's Cape.pngJora's Cape
Wandering Weapon Master Cape.pngWandering Weapon Master Cape
Venombite Wings Backpack.pngVenombite Wings Backpack
Sylph Wings Backpack.pngSylph Wings Backpack
Tempest Cape.pngTempest Cape
Cute Angel Wings Backpack.pngCute Angel Wings Backpack
Elemental Fury Backpack.pngElemental Fury Backpack
Cute Demon Wings Backpack.pngCute Demon Wings Backpack
Giant Shuriken Backpack.pngGiant Shuriken Backpack
Astral Scholar Cape.pngAstral Scholar Cape
Eternal Mandala Backpack.pngEternal Mandala Backpack
Ice Reaver Cape.pngIce Reaver Cape
Shatterspark Cape.pngShatterspark Cape
Aurene Wings Backpack.pngAurene Wings Backpack
Plush Ram Backpack.pngPlush Ram Backpack
Plush Quaggan Backpack Cover.pngPlush Quaggan Backpack
Plush Charr Backpack Set.pngPlush Charr Backpack
Plush Baby Aurene Backpack.pngPlush Baby Aurene Backpack
Warrior Quaggan Backpack Cover.pngWarrior Quaggan Backpack
Pink Quaggan Backpack Set.pngPink Quaggan Backpack
Green Quaggan Backpack Cover.pngGreen Quaggan Backpack
Mercenary Backpack.pngMercenary Backpack
Wings of Love Backpack.pngWings of Love Backpack Skin
White Feather Wings Backpack.pngWhite Feather Wings Backpack
Vine-Touched Destroyer Wings.pngVine-Touched Destroyer Wings
Super Adventure Holo-Copter.pngSuper Adventure Holo-Copter Backpack
Mursaat Wings Glider.pngMursaat Wings Backpack
Moth Wings Backpack.pngMoth Wings Backpack
Macaw Wings Glider.pngMacaw Wings Backpack
Legion Jetpack.pngLegion Jetpack
Largos Fin Backpack.pngLargos Fin Backpack
Golden Feather Wings Backpack.pngGolden Feather Wings Backpack
Hawk Wings Backpack.pngHawk Wings Backpack
Forged Wing Backpack.pngForged Backpack
Dynamics Projector Module.pngDynamics Projector Module
Desert King Reliquary Backpiece.pngDesert King Reliquary
Crystalline Dragon Wings Glider.pngCrystalline Wings Backpack
Branded Wing Backpack.pngBranded Wing Backpack
Black Feather Wings Backpack.pngBlack Feather Wings Backpack
Scaled Dragon Wings Backpack.pngScaled Dragon Wings Backpack

Dye Unlocks

Primary article: Recovered Black Lion Goods/Dye Unlocks

Mini Account Unlocks

Mini Outlaw Puppy.pngMini Outlaw Puppy
Mini Zaishen Puppy.pngMini Zaishen Puppy
Mini Tiger.pngMini Tiger
Mini Shrine Guardian.pngMini Shrine Guardian
Mini Red Panda.pngMini Red Panda
Mini Polar Bear Cub.pngMini Polar Bear Cub
Mini Plush Griffon.pngMini Plush Griffon
Mini Plush Aurene.pngMini Plush Aurene
Mini Festive Aurene.pngMini Festive Aurene
Mini Squire Aurene.pngMini Squire Aurene
Mini Piglet.pngMini Piglet
Mini Moa Chick.pngMini Moa Chick
Mini Lion Cub.pngMini Lion Cub
Mini Krytan Floppy Fish.pngMini Krytan Floppy Fish
Mini Kormeerkat.pngMini Kormeerkat
Mini Jaguar Cub.pngMini Jaguar Cub
Mini Hippo Calf.pngMini Hippo Calf
Mini Frozen Tik'Teek.pngMini Frozen Tik'Teek
Mini Fox Kit.pngMini Fox Kit
Mini Drooburt's Ghost.pngMini Drooburt's Ghost
Mini Chickenado.pngMini Chickenado
Mini Blue Drake Hatchling.pngMini Blue Drake Hatchling
Mini Bloodstone Rock.pngMini Bloodstone Rock
Mini Rock.pngMini Rock
Mini Bear Cub.pngMini Bear Cub
Mini Beetle (miniature).pngMini Beetle
Mini Black Bear Cub.pngMini Black Bear Cub
Mini Arctodus Cub.pngMini Arctodus Cub
Mini Angry Chest.pngMini Angry Chest

Mail Carrier Unlocks

Revenant Mail Carrier.pngRevenant Mail Carrier
Sylvari Seed Pod Mail Carrier.pngSylvari Seed Pod Mail Carrier
Snow Owl Mail Carrier.pngSnow Owl Mail Carrier
Super Bee Dog Mail Carrier.pngSuper Bee Dog Mail Carrier
Red Envelope Mail Carrier.pngRed Envelope Mail Carrier
Raven Mail Carrier.pngRaven Mail Carrier
Parrot Mail Carrier.pngParrot Mail Carrier
Exalted Mail Courier.pngExalted Mail Courier
Griffon Mail Carrier.pngGriffon Mail Carrier
Gifts Mail Delivery.pngGifts Mail Delivery
Ghostly Mail Courier.pngGhostly Mail Courier
Confetti Mail Delivery.pngConfetti Mail Delivery
Aviator Quaggan Mail Carrier.pngAviator Quaggan Mail Carrier


  • The Preview window hides skins and dyes already unlocked by the account, and therefore will be excluded from the loot table.
  • The chat code throws a "Cannot link from this location" info message without linking the item. However, you can type /me before the chat code and preview it if you have emote text enabled.
  • The Knife Tail Gang Hunting Bond returned for a one day sale on March 25th, 2021.
  • Unlock list was expanded in Game updates/2022-03-15.
  • Attempting to display the Preview window on an account with all the unlocks will not have any effect. Other Guaranteed Unlock items will display a Preview window with an empty list.

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