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Generates a table of locations that NPCs of a specified service type can be found in. Format using {{NPC service table header}} and {{NPC service table result format}}.

{{NPC service table|<service>}}


Unnamed parameter 1
Query term. Defaults to {{PAGENAME}}.
Optional. If set to anything, includes historical NPCs. Set to only for only historical content.
Optional. Color scheme, default is crafting for pages in the category Category: Crafting professions, otherwise pve.
Optional. Default is 250.


{{NPC service table|Master chef}}
NPC Area Zone Region
Bhia Maker's Terrace The Grove Maguuma Jungle
Caria Ashford Forum Plains of Ashford Ascalon
Cemil Bay of Elon Crystal Oasis Crystal Desert
Crusader Kruve Astrozintli Forelands Sparkfly Fen Maguuma Jungle
Flavor Scholar Raima Mistlock Sanctuary The Mists
Flimm Desider Atum Metrica Province Maguuma Jungle
Garik Stronghold of Ebonhawke Fields of Ruin Ascalon
Gurges Burnpaw Canton Factorium Black Citadel Ascalon
Kathleen Lava Lounge Osprey Pillars Ember Bay
Lachaidh Trader's Forum Lion's Arch Kryta
Liv The Icesteppes Wayfarer Foothills Shiverpeak Mountains
Melinda Township of Claypool Queensdale Kryta
Myrtle Mabon Market Caledon Forest Maguuma Jungle
Prazz Synergetics Union Rata Sum Maguuma Jungle
Reimar Trade Commons Hoelbrak Shiverpeak Mountains
Sage District Promenade Divinity's Reach Kryta
Shar Champion's Rest Hall of Memories Heart of the Mists
Siptikk Snowblind Peaks Gendarran Fields Kryta
Tik'sip Noble's Folly Heart of Maguuma Tyria

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