Health Potion

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Health Potion.png

Health Potion

1 Activation time  

Common Common
Super Adventure Box
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Restore health.

 Breaks stun.png Breaks Stun

— In-game description [?]


  • You can hold up to 9 potions at a time. The icon will display a number indicating how many you currently hold; if you have no potions, this skill will be crossed out.
  • Each potion restores 1 heart and can be purchased from most shops for
    each. If you buy a Medium Health Bottle each potion restores 2 hearts, however, the cost of a Health Potion increases from 5 to
    25 Bauble.png
  • Since the Super Adventure Festival 2018, the potions act as a stun breaker.


ID Icon and name
18079 Out Of Health Potions.png Out Of Health Potions
18181 Health Potion.png Health Potion
18192 2 Health Potions.png 2 Health Potions
18193 3 Health Potions.png 3 Health Potions
18194 4 Health Potions.png 4 Health Potions
18195 5 Health Potions.png 5 Health Potions
18196 6 Health Potions.png 6 Health Potions
18197 7 Health Potions.png 7 Health Potions
18198 8 Health Potions.png 8 Health Potions
18199 9 Health Potions.png 9 Health Potions