List of hearts in Iron Marches

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This is a list of renown hearts for Iron Marches sorted by heart level.

Complete heart (map icon).png Renown Heart Area Level NPC Description Reward Scout (map icon).pngScout
Fight life-stealing minions in Hellion Forest Hellion Forest 50 Scholar Worfmir Kill the ghostly spiders and shadown fiends attacking the loggers. Help lost spirits return to their bodies.
"Scholar Worfmir thanks you."
4,200 Experience.png 450 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 25 Copper coin Nivira Warheart
Join the Iron Legion in tearing down the Ascalonian wall Bloodfin Lake 51 Legionnaire Bladechipper Fire cannons at the wall to break it apart and throw the broken pieces into water. Destroy any ghosts rebuilding the wall.
"That'll show those ghosts."
4,424 Experience.png 458 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 29 Copper coin Nivira Warheart
Help Kennelmaster Warsnout track the Separatists Sunken Halls of Clarent 52 Kennelmaster Warsnout Release warhounds from kennels to help you find and destroy hiding Separatists, traps and supply caches.
"Warhound Village thanks you."
4,664 Experience.png 465 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 32 Copper coin Nivira Warheart
Aid Centurion Truthbringer in Echoslab Arches Echoslab Arches 53 Centurion Truthbringer Bring mortar rounds to engineers and join assault squads on raids. Speak to Legionnaires to start assaults.
"Centurion Truthbringer salutes you."
4,912 Experience.png 472 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 36 Copper coin Feritax Fatalshot
Aid Magister Razermane with the preservation of the Old Piken Ruins Champion's Shield 54 Magister Razermane Find and return any looted artifacts to the proper tombs, slay any Flame Legion or ghosts who interfere.
"You aided in the preservation of the old Piken Ruins"
5,176 Experience.png 480 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 40 Copper coin Feritax Fatalshot
Help Braxa Scalehunter tend to the devourer nests Champion's Shield 54 Braxa Scalehunter Feed devourer queens. Defend them and their nests from hungry Flame Legion. Collect extra eggs and bring them to Hazen or Braxa.
"Braxa Scalehunter is glad to have your help."
5,176 Experience.png 480 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 40 Copper coin Elli Scalesnout
Help Warden Scourgejaw run the prison quarry Scourgejaw's Vault 55 Warden Scourgejaw Motivate prisoners to work faster, throw scourgejaw ore into furnaces to make iron, and give the iron to the guards.
"Warden Scourgejaw thanks you for your fine work."
5,456 Experience.png 488 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 44 Copper coin Elli Scalesnout
Help the Sleekfur Warband defend the road at Soldier Mesa Soldier Mesa 56 Legionnaire Sleekfur Defend machine guns emplacements along the road and kill shamans in the forest. Destroy shrines to provoke the shamans out of hiding.
"The Sleekfur warband rallies behind your efforts."
5,752 Experience.png 495 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 48 Copper coin Elli Scalesnout
Fight the Branded in Lake Desolann with the Sentinels Lake Desolann 57 Sentinel Staggerfoe Destroy Branded creatures, fish for Branded fish, set traps in the lake, and aid Sentinels in combat.
"Sentinels assisted."
6,064 Experience.png 502 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 51 Copper coin Sentinel Tremorfist
Aid the Allied Legions as they march on the Flame Legion's territory Glory's Steps 58 Helo Murkhaunt Kill Flame Legion, disarm land mines, set up turrets and Iron Legion war banners.
"Legions aided."
6,384 Experience.png 510 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 55 Copper coin Varrah Murkbite
Assist the Sentinels patrolling Crystalwept Groves The Granite Front 58 Sentinel Jaggedclaw Activate beacons to lure out Branded, destroy Branded crystals, and cull Branded creatures.
"The Sentinels thank you."
6,384 Experience.png 510 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 55 Copper coin Sentinel Tremorfist
Help the ogres remove the Branded from their land Ebbing Heart Run 59 Naknar Release ogre traps and motivate weary ogres. Slay Branded creatures, nests and eggs.
"Ogres aided."
6,728 Experience.png 518 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 59 Copper coin Sentinel Tremorfist
Aid the Scorch Warband with their assault on the Flame Legion Victium Moors 60 Razor Eliminate Flame Legion. Destroy braziers, turrets and equipment. Uncover intel.
"Scorch Warband assisted."
7,096 Experience.png 525 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 62 Copper coin Ren Shadestalker