List of hearts in Harathi Hinterlands

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This is a list of renown hearts for Harathi Hinterlands sorted by heart level.

Complete heart (map icon).png Renown Heart Area Level NPC Description Reward Scout (map icon).pngScout
Help the Seraph at Nightguard Beach Nightguard Beach 33 Lieutenant Summers Recover supplies from shipwrecks, clear rockslides, check crab traps, and maintain the camp.
"Nightguard Beach helped."
1,720 Experience.png 322 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 61 Copper coin Seraph Soldier Ramsey
Help Broil Cane disrupt centaurs Shieldbluff Point 34 Raquel Ardor Kill centaurs, smash their supplies, collect and turn in poison and whetstones, set traps, and use unstable explosives.
"Cane approves."
1,808 Experience.png 330 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 65 Copper coin Bryn Tailor
Train with the Company Wildspine Hills 35 Marden Etien Test Zirra's ballista and mortars, spar with mercs, use Hawkes' birds to kill vermin, and defeat centaur scouts.
"You helped the Company."
1,912 Experience.png 330 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 65 Copper coin Bryn Tailor
Cause chaos among the centaurs Thunder Rock 36 Seraph Soldier Jones Free slaves, kill centaurs, and disrupt their camps to weaken the centaur front.
"Centaur front weakened."
2,008 Experience.png 338 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 69 Copper coin Seraph Soldier Reid
Help the Seraph disrupt bandit activity Wynchona Woods 37 Wounded Private Felix Rescue the captured Seraph, kill bandit patrols and ambushes, and disrupt their activities in the woods.
"Felix appreciates your efforts."
2,120 Experience.png 345 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 72 Copper coin Sergeant Griffins
Help Ket investigate the Ruins of Demetra Ruins of Holy Demetra 38 Explorer Ket Recover relics from the ruined village for Ket, drive off the grave robbers, and put angry spirits to rest.
"Ket is pleased with you."
2,232 Experience.png 352 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 76 Copper coin Seraph Soldier Georgina
Protect Seraph's Landing Greystone Rise 39 Lieutenant Pickins Drive back the centaurs, protect incoming supply ships, defend against raiding bandits, help feed the animals and deliver food to the Seraph sergeant.
"Lieutenant Pickins is pleased."
2,352 Experience.png 360 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 80 Copper coin Sergeant Griffins
Assist the skritt in Arcallion Digs Arcallion Digs 40 Sentry Triktiki Help keep the passages clear, defend the skritt from predators, and aid them in their fight against the harpies.}
"You hear the skritt chittering about you."
2,480 Experience.png 375 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 88 Copper coin Hitkata
Attack the centaurs Greenflin Plateau 41 Corporal Lebeau Fight the centaurs, assault their fortress, and support the Seraph
"Centaur lines weakened."
2,616 Experience.png 382 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 91 Copper coin Corporal Jenson
Help Forward Scout Luke disrupt centaur logistics High Timber Claim 42 Forward Scout Luke Search for weapons in the debris. Destroy supply stockpiles, fight centaurs, free slaves, bash mining equipment, set explosives, and light woodpiles on fire.
"Supply line disrupted."
2,760 Experience.png 390 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 95 Copper coin Dahvida the Blue
Help Forward Scout Greta cause chaos in the Modniir homeland High Timber Claim 43 Forward Scout Greta Collect dog tags, destroy Modniir equipment, kill centaurs, and free prisoners.
"Forward Scout Greta thanks you."
2,904 Experience.png 398 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 99 Copper coin Dahvida the Blue