List of hearts in Frostgorge Sound

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This is a list of renown hearts for Frostgorge Sound sorted by heart level.

Complete heart (map icon).png Renown Heart Area Level NPC Description Reward Scout (map icon).pngScout
Help Pact Explorer Erikk battle the Dragon Tribe grawl Arundon Vale 71 Explorer Erikk Destroy effigies, light supplies on fire, ignite stolen explosives, burn paintings, and fight the Dragon Tribe grawl.
"You helped Pact Explorer Erikk."
12,640 Experience.png 608 Karma.png 3 Silver coin 4 Copper coin Agent Caltha
Help Pact Crusader D'Stolt fight the Sons of Svanir Highpeaks 72 Crusader D'Stolt Smash corrupted ice, tear down Dragon banners, open cages, destroy defenses, and kill Sons of Svanir.
"You helped Pact Crusader D'Stolt."
13,360 Experience.png 615 Karma.png 3 Silver coin 8 Copper coin Agent Caltha
Help Scholar Inka research imps Glacial Collapse 73 Scholar Inka Scholar Inka needs summoning stones to conduct experiments, repaired equipment to monitor imps, and imps cleared from the cave to transport supplies.
"You've helped Scholar Inka."
14,080 Experience.png 622 Karma.png 3 Silver coin 11 Copper coin Researcher Zott
Help Infinite Mind rally the forces of Blue Ice Station Groznev Delve 74 Infinite Mind Find and revive wounded kodan, recover stolen food to empower them, and reclaim kodan flagstands to boost morale.
"You helped Infinite Mind"
14,800 Experience.png 630 Karma.png 3 Silver coin 15 Copper coin Tactician Jarvan
Help Tactician Sebastian against the Sons of Svanir Wayward Climb 74 Tactician Sebastian Defend Pact patrols from Sons of Svanir, destroy corrupted ice crystals, and repair damaged flag stands.
"You've helped Tactician Sebastian."
14,800 Experience.png 630 Karma.png 3 Silver coin 15 Copper coin Tactician Roderick
Learn the way of the kodan Talabaroop Waves 75 Guard Splintering Serenity Speak with kodan about nature's balance, learn from scattered journals about what brought the kodan south, and pay homage at shrines of Koda.
"You helped the kodan."
15,600 Experience.png 638 Karma.png 3 Silver coin 19 Copper coin Tactician Jarvan
Assist Rebel Isaak in sowing the seeds of dredge revolution Groznev Delve 75 Rebel Isaak Acquire a mining suit from rebel Isaak, and follow Isaak's instructions to inspire local dredge rebels.
"You helped the dredge rebels."
15,600 Experience.png 638 Karma.png 3 Silver coin 19 Copper coin Rebel Constantine
Help Qualdup train Orsippus trainees for the Quaggan Games Dimotiki Waters 77 Qualdup Help Qualdup train Orsippus trainess for the Quaggan Games.
"You helped Qualdup."
17,360 Experience.png 652 Karma.png 3 Silver coin 26 Copper coin Torblip
Help Bladed Softness maintain Deep and Troubled Waters The Sea of Lamentation 78 Bladed Softness Repair cracks, remove barnacles, motivate ice shapers, feed guards, and keep the sanctuary safe.
"You helped Bladed Softness."
18,240 Experience.png 660 Karma.png 3 Silver coin 30 Copper coin Fallen Into Night
Help Worthy Burden defeat icebrood in Drakkar Spurs The Sea of Lamentation 79 Worthy Burden Help Worthy Burden defeat icebrood in Drakkar Spurs.
"You helped Worthy Burden."
19,280 Experience.png 668 Karma.png 3 Silver coin 34 Copper coin Fallen Into Night
Help Shifting Waves protect the kodan at Path of Starry Skies Snow Climb 80 Shifting Waves Destroy icebrood, free refugees, light the way, and protect the kodan.
"You helped Shifting Waves."
20,320 Experience.png 675 Karma.png 3 Silver coin 38 Copper coin Watcher of Skies